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Ban Appeal The Poprock Special 2 In 1 Deal!

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by poprock19000, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. IGN: poprock19000

    The type of punishment: The Poprock Special 2 In One Deal includes: 1 Discord Ban, 1 Navalclash Ban for the price of only one appeal!

    Duration of the punishment: The Discord ban is for a very long time (forever) The Navalclash ban is 7 days

    When the event occurred (approximately): The Special Offer started Last week!

    The reason given for your punishment: Discord Ban: None cause you cant give reasons Server Ban: LAST CHANCE POP - MOO

    Why you believe the punishment was unfair: I don't even know why I'm banned from the server, I haven't even gotten on since solmex unbanned my permaban. Like literally Sol unbans my permaban and then moo puts a 7 day ban for no reason. The discord one was actually deserved cause I said mean things to capt and moo, but like they said mean things to me so i think its like we are even now so can i be unbanned. Also I've already served 4 days out of 7 of this mysterious ban

    Staff members (and players) involved:

    PS: APPROVE THIS APPEAL IN THE NEXT 4 HOURS and Poprock will throw in a 2 months of good behavior!

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  2. jesus christ get a life
  3. You were denied monday, and given the screenshots of how you've acted in the Lobby you clearly don't deserve to be unbanned.
  4. No Those screenshots are taken out of context, me and c0 are friends and i was just joking, you can ask him yourself if he was really being "harrased" he owuldve reported it
  5. Alright everyone let me tell this story once again, from the top. It all starts about a month ago, Moo was bragging about how hes a cool kid who vapes. I go and tell Moo and Capt that vaping is bad for them and we get into a big argument. This makes both of them mad at me because they don't need me to be "their dad". So Moo thinks hes gonna be funny by doing /whois and then saying "I want to move to (Pop's City)". If you need any confirmation that he actually did that check no further than the logs. I tell him on discord to stop and he tell me 'I'm gonna tell everyone your IP if you dont leave me alone. Then I get mad cause this is clear abuse, and call moo some things that i shouldn't have said, but hey, heat of the moment. So Black bans me for staff disrespect. I appeal and get perma banned but sol unbans me a day later. Moo sees that I am unbanned and says "Oh no! Poprock must be punished! but i don't want to go against sol's unban!" So he bans me for 7 days. I being a good boi wait out 5 of those days, because i didnt realize i was banned. When i did realize, i appealed and spent 6 hours on the server asking the new people who joined to go on the server and tell the staff to review the appeal. C0 comes on and hes my friend so i jokingly called him a spineless degenerate, its a joke right? But hey hey hey guys guess what Capt just got some evidence of "player harassment" so then he perma bans me. This is just a targeted harassment now guys and completely unprofessional. I asked C0 right now and he said he knew it was a joke and its 100% fine with it.
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