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Update: Island Fix 2018-06-23

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Hey all!

    We've made some mistakes. Today we fix them.

    Underlined features are things I want to emphasize!

    We want you to be happy. So we've listened, and here's what we've done with the latest update.

    - Base Spawners: You can now buy vehicle spawners for bases. http://navalclash.net/Forum/threads/base-spawners.1227/

    - Tutorial: New players now spawn in a basic tutorial room. Please help them! Anyone can access the room with /warp tutorial.

    - MAP CHANGE: Added back the most requested map, the giant worldmap. This will be the LAST map reset for a very very longtime, as it is huge and super popular.

    - Map RENDER: A clean render of the new map can be found here: http://play.navalclash.net

    - PAYDAYS: are back.

    - Jobs: Supplement paydays, type /warp Jobs. Maximum 2 at a time.

    - SPAWN: The good one. With the airfield built in.

    - SHIPYARD: is not reset.

    - Balances: are reset to $50,000. This was a must, too many were damaged in the hack attack to accurately restore them.

    - Backdoors: Closed. I swear this time. No more attacks.

    - Tankspawn: /warp tankspawn

    - Gunshop: Changes to the way gun buying works. Pay $2000 for a crate key to purchase guns. Makes legendary guns much more rare and valuable due to crate hierarchy restrictions.

    - Discord: Chatlink restored. Fully compatible with the new "Factions" chat. /discord link to verify.

    - Factions: Changes to the factions interface. For the better. Renamed factions to "Countries". Use resourcepoints to purchase turrets and other defenses for your country. Type /k help for a list of commands and /k info for a tutorial. This is a really nice upgrade and once you get used to it you will appreciate all it's added features.

    - Earning Resource Points: Claim land with /k claim. Create a nexus with /k nexus. Insert 10 smelted stone into the nexus for 1 resource point.

    - Scoreboard: New sexy scoreboard. Type /fb toggle to toggle it.

    - Lift: Re-added. You can make elevators again.

    That's it. It's not a huge update, but it will make all the difference. Rankpoints aren't even reset.

    New staff members to be hired.


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  2. I hope this is a fuc.king joke. Dont tell me I just wasted the past 3 days on NC and time wasted of my SUMMER VECATION. ”Rank points arrnt even reset” of course they arrent, cause then people would leave completely. Factions dont need to be fuc.king changed.

    And just the fact that you diddint tell us about this update before you launched it so you guaranteed that we wouldent get a say in any of it is fuc.king disgusting.
  3. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    I made it clear that Zuper's map was just a temporary fix due to the hacker attack, which destroyed the entire old map. If you actually read my patchnotes and give it a try ingame without being a toxic prick for absolutely no reason then you'd probably actually really appreciate the work iiz, wrangler, motionless and I put into this.
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  4. When Sidewalk actually tries to fix the community
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  5. MrZuperTaco

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  6. I don't particularly like the idea of crates at all. It would be a good idea just to get rid of them and make guns craftable and/or buyable.