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Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Welcome to the Island Update.
    There are lots of changes, and before you pronounce to the world that the update is "bugged or broken", read this.

    Ranks/ Denoobing
    Everything is reset except for rankpoints. There are 29 ranks. If your tag reads [E-1 SR], you are NOT denoobed. Proceed through the portal and click the denoob sign it teleports you to when you first join. If you skip reading the rules and just go to spawn, walk around spawn until you find the dockmasters office to get denoobed. After denoobing, keep typing /rank to get to your new rank's equivalent for your rankpoints.

    Shipyard issues:
    After you have denoobed, if you are having shipyard issues, (can't claim any plots), dm sidewalk on discord. You probably disobeyed us when we said stay out of shipyard and your file may have bugged. I can help you to manually fix it when we are both online. If you just can't build in your plot wait until a staffmember gets on to help you with the region.

    Chat Channels:
    Normal faction chat channels have been fixed to work with discord.
    /f c f
    /f c p
    /f c a
    /f c t

    Daily Rations:
    Get free rations every 8 hours at the market.

    Discord Link:
    /discord link
    Ingame to Link your mc and discord accounts. Send the numbered code to @NavalClash bot. This will give you a verified role on discord and permit you to talk on the #global channel, which is connected to the server.



    It is unclear if faction bases will always be shown on dynmap - might not be possible to fix. I'll look into it. Spawn, the airfield, and outposts are marked on dynmap.

    Resource Pack:

    If guns are showing up as diamond shovels be sure you are using the latest version of our resource pack, available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8d60y6gfe...aviour Our lord and saviour sidewalk.zip?dl=1
    it is the only version that will work properly with our large amount of weapons and textures. It is fully optimized and compressed.

    There are four. They have small safedock regions around them. Vanilla boats are disabled so you will need to use vehicles to travel. /sethome is disabled too. It is illegal to claim fac land on an outpost base. Each outpost pays all online members of the occupying faction $500/5mins

    At spawn there is a market where you can rent stalls and setup chestshops. There is also an admin shop where you can sell wheat and buy blocks and seeds. People abusing the sellshops or not reporting ways to illegally glitch items or money will be banned. To access this area, type /warp market.

    The spawn blackmarket has no warp, it's on the spawn island. You will have to walk to it. It contains guns and explosives. You must have so many rankpoints to purchase certain guns, however everyone can use all guns.

    Drugs are a good way to earn money. Currently within NavalClash there are 3 supported drug types; Weed (Plant: Cannabis), Heroin (Plant: Opium), and Cocaine (Plant: Coca). Growth of the drugs is very simple, they act like ordinary plants and require tilled dirt beneath them supplied by a water source. Drug growth times are random between a maximum and minimum point similar to default Minecraft plants.

    Drugs to start your farms can be purchased at most of the outposts. Buy a few plants, till soil, and start multiplying your crop. When you get to the point where you want to start earning money off your drug crops, process them by smelting them in a furnace. At this point your drugs can either be taken or sold to a dealer at any outpost or the spawn blackmarket.

    Unfortunately drugs had to be removed due to a duplication glitch built into the drug plugin. Please see my new post on Cargo for more ways to earn money!

    Arcade World
    /warp arcadeworld
    Ships are free
    No rankpoints are awarded
    No money is awarded for sinking vehicles.
    Enclosed 2500*2500 water world.

    Vehicle Changes
    - Free weapons fixed
    - Vehicles award a small amount of money to the crew of the ship that sunk them. Don’t try farming this - there is a complex formula that will guarantee the combined total payout to the crew is always less than what the captain of the ship that sunk paid.
    - being on a larger physical ship compared to the ship you sunk will give you more money.

    Shipyard Changes:
    - Uses uuids instead of usernames
    - Faster, no more resets needed, lag free
    - Bigger, more plots at earlier ranks
    - Fixed public/private plots

    A post will be coming with information about how to get your purchased donation items back.

    Bug reports:
    Please immediately report all bugs to both me and iiz on discord.

    Paydays removed. Starting balance 20k. However there are many more ways to earn money and there is a free arcade world so no complaints about not being able to sail.
    We expect to see faction wars over money farms and control of the
    money outposts

    Misc changes:
    - AA-Gun range buffed

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