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AA-Guns - A type of Machine Gun

  • Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Personal
  • Cost - 100


One of the simplest, easiest weapon/equipment system to use. The AA-Gun can be used on every vehicle on the server and is a very helpful weapon if you don't know how to use or make cannons. These weapons can used on bases on land to defend against raids.

  • Pros: Can take out aircraft and medium strength objects
  • Cons: Cannot effect most blocks such as stone and iron.

How To Use

How to use: Right-Click the sign that reads "AA-Gun". To Fire Left click in the direction you want to fire, the mechanism will fire eggs/bullets at the target, damaging the player it hits or destroying the block it hits should it not be immune to AA-Gun Fire (dirt, sand, wool, etc). More you fire at the target, more damage is inflicted on it.


  • Assembly 
    Mounted on Any Block using a sign. Write "AA-Gun" on top line of the sign and simply mount it. It is NOT recommend to mount sign free standing, due to nature of the plugin to move a player above sign mounting it. This sign can be in lowercase, capital or even mixed letters such as Aa-GuN.

Tactics Using (Sign)

  • Leading the Target 
    This tactic essentially, due to nature of vehicles moving. A player would need to fire just AHEAD of the vehicle or person in the direction their moving. This increases chances of bullets connecting with the target and hitting it.
  • Base Defenses 
    Given the Nature of AA-Guns They are More so frequently used in raids As well as base defenses as they can function very similarly to a Machine Gun, However, More they are more commonly used offensively as the fact that most bases are underground and in bunkers means that there is a less likely chance that defenders will have Defensive AA-Guns Positioned before A raid would commence.


  • Built-in-AA Guns 
    Tanks and Aircraft have a built in AA-Gun function within them IF the vehicle control sign is not COMPLETELY covered / Armored. To activate, this you left click the mouse / sneak button if you are driving one these two vehicles. Ship and Submarine vehicle control signs DO NOT have this built in function of AA-Gun.


  • One Known bug is when placing a Sign down in the wild You have the '/sign undo' to get 100$ back, If you get on AA-Gun Then do This command, the sign will return to your inventory and You are still on the AA-Gun