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Overview of the February 2019 NavalClash Spawn

What Server is About

NavalClash is World War II and Cold War themed modern vehicle combat server, designed to allow players to build large minecraft vehicles out blocks and fight one another. Players here may form groups called Factions/Countries and fight each other. Minecraft vehicles movement is possible due to our unique Navycraft spigot.

The server's main focus is on Ships, however we have Submarines, Carriers, Tanks, Aircraft, and Helicopters.

We do ask for new players to take moment to read the Rules.

Joining the Game

Download Minecraft from if you haven't already. Log in with your premium account and select Multiplayer from the main menu. Select "Add Server" for future quick access to NavalClash. Join our server using the hostname: Now join the server, making sure you have Server Textures enabled in the video settings. It is highly recommended you apply our texture pack in order to get the full intended experience of NavalClash. When you join the server, it should prompt you in-game to download it.


The server staff are usually online every day. Most of the time at least one staff member, no matter the rank, should be on. Look for their titles while doing the "/list" command or by watching chat for their title, which should appear before their name. Here is a list of the staff positions we have on the server:

Trainer - The Trainers are responsible for welcoming new players to the server and giving them a basic tutorial on how to play. They may take new-joiners on a training ship to teach them the basics of navigation and weapon systems. They are also responsible for "Ocean Cleaning", or "OCing". The seafloor shortly outside of docks can get littered with abandoned vehicles, and helpers are the go-to staff to clear it.

Moderator - The Moderators are responsible for the general moderation of all players on the server within their power. They also act in the role of Trainer and all of its responsibilities. They can deal with serious rules that have been broken such as racial abuse or abuse of any kind, and as such, they can deal out the heavier punishments that Trainers cannot issue.

Admin - In charge of preventing staff from coming off their path of keeping the server operating and to ensure that all plugins that are used on the server are working correctly. They handle reports, ban appeals, and staff discipline.

Head-Admin Manager and second in command of the server, in charge of day-to-day operations. Current head-admin is Sidewalk.

Website-Developer Runs the website, the current Website-Dev is Solmex/Droopystarfish.

Game-Developer The Original Coder of Navycraft was Maximuspayne. Current Version of Navycraft is Solmex

Owner The Owner of the server, you can compare him to god. He allocates his resources to keeping NavalClash up and running. Current owner is Solmex & Droopystarfish.

Any staff should be glad to help you with any problem within their power to do so. Just ask for a staff member, preferably by their IGN for better results in achieving their attention.

Getting Started

It is best to read the wiki pages and/or forum pages for Getting Started before joining the server. Nevertheless, when you join, type the command "/who" or press down the "Tab" button to display all online players. Look for staff that are online by searching for a staff title before their In-Game-Name. Ask for a Trainer if one is on, otherwise, any staff online should help train you unless busy with other work. If staff refuse to help you or ignore you, please report it online at the Naval Clash Forums. Learn the basics in the game and below. Additionally, most of our community is competent enough to help you get started and simply asking for help in the chat will give let them know that you need it.

World Map as of Late November 2018. Red cross at the center is location of the Spawn.

Learning How To Play

NavalClash can sometimes seem to be intimidating initially. We have couple ways you can learn how to play on our server.

Methods on How to Learn

  • Ask for Training 
    When you first come on, you can ask on /helpop you need Need training. For set period time, a Helper/trainer can go over how to play on the server you. They can also help you out if your unclear how certain things work or what rules need to be covered. Even players who have been on for long time, can volunteer to help you out. Just Remember: Be Friendly, Be Respectful and don't be Rude. Other players don't need to help you, but being cool with them, they'll be cool to you. It's your responsibility read the rules of this server. Ignoring them or not reading all of the, you risk punishment.
  • Videos 
    When trainers are not available, we have Tutorials Videos linked to wiki to show you some of the aspects of playing on the server.
  • Use the Wiki! 
    The Wiki is the depository of all things the server has to offer. While some things must be learned as you play, basics will be always here to allow you to have fun any day. To learn how to use certain vehicles. Type in their basic names. Ship, Submarine, Aircraft, Tank, or Helicopter. To learn how to use Shipyard, type Shipyard. If your not certain about the Spawndocks, and rules related to them. Type Safedocks. If with to straight up want just get going in building, use Vehicle Building Guide help you once you get a plot in the shipyard.

Basic Instructions

While self-learning is not always best way to learn how to play NavalClash. The following is Steps to get Started on your own.

  • Step 1 - To the Spawn and Read up 
    You will be teleported to the Spawn building. (If you have not, do /warp spawn or /spawn) Read the Signs, there is a path that will tell you what you need to do. On the Wiki, you can learn how to Drive a Ship, Aircraft, Tank, Submarine, and the Helicopter. These articles tell you how to drive certain minecraft vehicles. Makes sure you read the Rules. Once your done, do /rank. To clear your status as beginner player.
  • Step 2 - Get a Plot 
    A plot is a creative space that let's you build your own vehicle. To open one you can do the following things. /shipyard open ship1 or /warp shipyard and fly around looking plots to *Claim*. All players as they go up in rank, you see what you can access by doing /shipyard.
  • Step 3 - Get Building 
    This will show stuff your allowed to claim. You can build the vehicle. As beginner your likely building a ship. Vehicle Building Guide can help you find the parts you need to build it.
  • Step 4 - Spawn Vehicle 
    Once you vehicle completed, you will be able to spawn it. Go to the back of the plot, and click the top sign in the back of it. This will load the vehicle you just made. Before leaving look at the lower sign. At the bottom of the sign it will say type plot it is, "Ship1" for example. Remember that name, because you need to find a Spawner with that same name to use your vehicle. For Ships, do /warp docks (there 3 docks, but North is the main one.) for aircraft / Helicopters you need go to Airfield Island, /warp Airfield. Go to the water or airfield and click on the matching sign of your plot. Clicking it will product usable copy of your ship or any vehicle you have selected.
  • Step 5 - Get Sailing 
    Get on board your vehicle and click the vehicle control sign, named "Ship" and proceed out safedocks to do what you like to do.


NavalClash (Abbreviated NC) is a World War 1 to World War 2 themed server modded with a custom coded spigot plugin to emulate sea, air, and land combat. Maximuspayne did all of the coding himself, which in later years had minor edits from Sidewalk and Iizcracker123. A major update the code accrued in November, 2018, which Solmex created NavyCraft Reloaded. Which added missiles and other new innovations including in the shipyard.

NavalClash consists of three worlds, War World 1 (WW1), Tankspawn, and the Shipyard.

  • War World 1 
    WW1 is the survival / faction fighting world You can sail, drive, and fly a variety of different vehicle types and fight other players in our survival world using a multitude of different weapon systems. Main focus for Factions is to capture one of the four outposts located around the Spawn island. This is where factions and it's members can gain money.
  • The Shipyard 
    This is where you can edit and make your own vehicle to be spawned in the War World. (See below for details)
  • Tankspawn 
    This is world that allows players to battle one another with their ground pounding tanks. Periodically it is revived with different maps.


The shipyard is a separate world in NC that allows you to design your own custom ship and store it. To get to the shipyard, you can use the warp sign that is located a spawn. (/warp shipyard) When there you will find many samples of how to build your vehicles. and what to make it out of. When in shipyard you are in creative mode and able to build, but only in your own plot, however, players may add you to their plots so you can help them build. You can do the same for your plot. To get a plot to work in you will need to read the Introduction to the Ship Yard page and Vehicle Building Guide.

Additionally limited number of premade Public Ships and Aircraft are in the shipyard for anyone to use who wishes not bother building or use something ready-made. Do /warp publicships to go to them.

As quick start

  • To Open your first plot (plot types - Ship1, Tank1, Hangar1) you simply type the command - /shipyard open [insert plot]. You will be teleported to your new plot to begin building your new vehicle! Make sure you visit the spawn area of the Shipyard for tips and parts of a vehicle you need make it work!
Picture of the Shipyard over-all map as of November 2018.

The Shipyard World as of November 2018 is unique, plots are added as further request plots continue. More Requests, more plots appear. This map in this pictured posted has expanded considerably more since it was first made.

Ranks and Plots

The Shipyard is structured to allow for players who have achieved certain ranks to be allotted a limited amount of plots to construct whatever design vehicle they choose. As a player progress, they are given additional plots that are added to previously achieved plots. Additional plots and money rewards associated with them are added to a player inventory of allocated plots. Donations to the server also add additional plots as well Staff members who donate their time help the server.

Types of Plots
  • Ship1 - Smallest water-based Minecraft vehicle plot (Ships, Submarines, Carriers, etc.)
  • Ship2 - longer Ship1 plot, first plot to allow Triple TnT Cannons
  • Ship3 - Second Longest water-based Minecraft vehicle plot
  • Ship4 - Widest Plot behind the Ship5 plots.
  • Hangar1 - Smallest, common air-based Minecraft plots
  • Tank1 - Ground-based minecraft vehicle plot
Plots Rewards per Rank (Total Plots and PayDay)
  • LT - (Lieutenant) [Minus] - [$9500]
  • LT + (Lieutenant) [Plus] - [$9500]
  • LT CMNDR - (Lieutenant Commander) [Minus] - [$10000]
  • LT CMNDR + (Lieutenant Commander) [Plus] - [$10000]
  • CMNDR - (Commander) [Minus] - [$10500]
  • CMNDR + (Commander) [Plus] - [$10500]
  • CPT - (Captain) [Minus] - [$11000]
  • CPT + (Captain) [Plus] - [$11000]

Misc Plot Types

  • ShipX - For Factions/Kingdoms with 15 or more Members.
  • Hangar3 - For Factions/Kingdoms with 15 or more Members.
  • Private Plots / Private Shipyards - Additional plots given when donations are made for the server. Only High Administrative Staff can set this up.



  • Vehicle Engine Sound Volume - /volume engine #number loudness you desire. Example /volume engine 4
  • Opening Plots - /Shipyard Open (plot type) Example: /shipyard open Ship1
  • Messaging - /pm (player name) [text] (or use short cut /r (text) to communicate a reply to the person.
  • Warps - /warp (place) - A warp list is available by typing /warps

Retired Ranks

The following was removed due to restructuring of the server's ranking system and how new players are introduced into the game. Payday was different when these ranks were created for the Island Update and discontinued when merge of November 2018 accrued.

  • E-1 SR (Seaman Recruit) - No Plots - No PayDay [$20,000 Starter Money] - Needs to be Denoobed
  • E-2 SA (Seaman Apprentice) - 1 Ship1 [$500]
  • E-3 SN (Seaman) - Ship1 [$2500] ([$20,000 Starter Money when player first joins])
  • E-4 PO3 (Petty Officer 3rd Class) - [$3000]
  • E-5 PO2 (Petty Officer 2nd Class) - [$3500]
  • E-6 PO1 (Petty Officer 1st Class) - [$4000]
  • E-7 CPO (Chief Petty Officer) - [$5500]
  • E-8 MCPO (Master Chief Petty Officer) - [$6000]
  • E-9 MCPON (Master Chief Petty Officer, Navy) - [$6500]
  • W-1 CWO1 (Chief Warrant Officer, 1) - [$7000]
  • W-2 CWO2 (Chief Warrant Officer, 2) - [$7500]
  • W-3 CW03 (Chief Warrant Officer, 3) - [$8000]
  • O-1 ENS (Ensign) - [$8500]
  • O-2 LTJG (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) - [$9000]
  • O-3 LT (Lieutenant) - [$9500]
  • O-4 LCDR (Lieutenant Commander) - [$10000]
  • 0-5 CDR (Commander) - [$10500]
  • O-6 CAPT (Captain) - [$11000]
  • O-7 RDML (Rear Admiral (Lower)) - [$11500]
  • O-8 RDMU (Rear Admiral (Upper) - [$12000]
  • O-9 VADML (Vice Admiral) - [$12500]
  • 0-10 ADML (Admiral) - [$13000]
  • 0-11 FTADML (Fleet Admiral)- [$13500]