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AdvancedRadar (Sign)

  • Function : Advanced Vehicle Detection Device
  • Equipment Cost: $2500 per sign.
AdvancedRadar being used by a stationary Missile base.


The AdvancedRadar is essential component to usage of Mk 3 Missile System. In the real world, this device operate not unlike the Aegis Missile System which locks spots multiple active contacts and reports their where abouts on 2 signs that give details where and designate the target on the main sign. These spotted vehicles will appears as alphabetic letters letters on pair of signs. More detail information will appear on the main radar sign.

This is a multi-sign based device, which is mounted on any location on the vehicle that accessible to it's crew. These signs can determine type vehicle it is identifying.

How to Use: AdvancedRadar

  • Click the AdvancedRadar 
    Left click the sign to activate the AdvancedRadar's three signs. Two blank signs next to the advancedradar sign will display 4 views of the vehicle.

Reading a AdvancedRadar

The main sign of the AdvancedRadar suite has following information.

  • Target Designation - This is the "Name" of vehicle the radar is tracking. Giving single letter designation. Example "Target:F" and will appear on the two signs as "F". It will give percentage of how strong of a LOCK it has on it. Example (90%)
  • CLS - This is the Classification of what kind vehicle seen. SHIP, SUBMARINE (On surface), AIRPLANE, HELICOPTER, TANK, GENERATOR
  • SPD - This the measurement of Speed, which is how much fast target is moving
  • RNG - This is the Range, how far the vehicle is from your radar.
  • When the Radar is Active 
    The signs essentially represents four directions associated with a "compass rose" where 0 degrees represents what is in front of your vehicle. 90 degrees is to the right of your vehicle, 180 degrees is behind your vehicle, and 270 is to the left.
Pictured is the faces of a compass. Zero "0" is always forwards which is direction of the Red Arrow in the picture.

Tactics in Using the Advancedradar

  • Detecting the active vehicles 
    This system is excellent in spotting and identifying potential targets for a vehicle's operator. This allows for better scouting for a Faction or independent hunter stalking potential kills.
  • Mk3 Missile Guidance System 
    Advancedradar is intended to spot and tie into the FireControl that allows the Mk3 Missiles to hit any target the Advancedradar designates.


  • Assembly of Advancedradar
    This is a sign based device, only need place three signs on the vehicle for use. These signs Must be touching one another for them to operate properly.

Known Issues

  • Target Maybe YOU 
    While the radar system is great at detecting any active vehicle or object using power. The sensor can detected vehicle your in as well. You must be mindful direction enemy object is, and make sure range is not zero.


  • The Advancedradar was originally known as the Passiveradar in older version of Navycraft. The device repurposed for the NavalClash's new November 2018 merge and revitalization. This was done by Solmex, creator of the NavyCraft Reloaded Spigot.