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Carriers - This is a type vehicle, principally a Ship, designed to carry other vehicles such as Aircraft and Helicopters.

The Aircraft Carrier, Yorktown


A Carrier (or carrier) can be any size (Ship1 to ShipX), typically this usually pertains vehicle designed to carry aircraft known as a Aircraft Carrier. However, depending it's size, there is a limit number vehicles it carries due to size. The term Carrier, also applies to ships intended to carry usually air vehicles or zeppelins / blimps. The term is also used for other vehicles as well like land based Minecraft vehicles or even smaller ships. Focus of this article is primarily on Ships used to carry airborne Minecraft vehicles.

Carriers used to carry only ground vehicles are called Landing Ships or Tank Landing Ships. However intended use of the carrier primarily as a vehicle to launch aircraft.

This article will focus how to make Aircraft Carrier, due to it being most common use for such vehicle on the server.

Real World aircraft carriers are not intended for direct combat. However on NavalClash they can be used as such.

Parts of Aircraft Carrier

File:Parts of a Aircraft Carrier.jpg
Parts of a Aircraft Carrier - Not pictured is the Launcher sign which is normally in the bridge.

Aircraft Carriers have 4 principle components aside from it's hull that usually is a shape of a ship.

  • Flight Deck - Where the aircraft are launched (and land but, it is a very difficult thing to do on the server.)
  • Aircraft - The planes it carriers
  • Bridge - Control Room of the ship. All ships must have visible bridge, they are required to have these.
  • Launcher Sign - Which enables the carrier to launch it's compliment of air vehicles to fly away.

Secondary components are

  • Self-Defense Weaponry - TnT Cannons and AA-Guns (for self defense)
  • Repair Parts - Spare blocks fix damage to aircraft and the ship.

How a Aircraft Carrier Works

The Carrier is a type of Ship, which does operate like one. A carrier is driven by a player using a Vehicle Control Sign named the Ship Sign. The player using the "Ship" sign can direct the ship to go forwards, backwards (rarely used), turn left or right, and go up or down using a special Gold Sword which will appear only when a player is standing next to the Ship sign. The controlling player can increase the speed of the vehicle as well. A ship will remain at the same speed if the player walks away from the "Ship" Sign. This is so the player can do other things, like fire a gun if there isn't enough crew or the the captain is by themselves. IF a Aircraft Carrier's flight deck is made with stone, glass is not needed to launch the vehicle.
Unique Ability 
Unlike most vehicles, a carrier can carry other vehicles. In this example, these are steps in launching a aircraft or fighter. To launch aircraft. Please read the following to launch a (any) aircraft. Note: These steps can be used to launch other vehicles carried. This example is when using a Glass to attach vehicle to the carrier.
  • Step 1
    Stopping Carrier : Aircraft of any kind cannot be launched unless carrier is at a complete stop.
  • Step 2
    Launcher Sign : Once the ship is a complete stop. The Launcher Sign must be click so it's "Armed". This is effectively disabling the ship itself. It is IMPORTANT that follow things are done before the ship is reactivated.
  • Step 3
    Breaking Glass : The most important thing that must be done while the Launcher Sign is "Armed" is to break the connecting block between the Air Vehicle and the Flight Deck. Typically a Glass block is used to act as the connector due to easy of breaking it.
  • Step 4
    Launching the Aircraft : Once glass is broken, pilots should get on their aircraft remove their ship armor. A launch their planes same way it launched from airfield. It is important they in full Gear [3], Elevator is going up, and power to 100%.
  • NOTE 
  • Step 5
    Reactivating the Carrier : Should this vessel have crew, the crew of the ship still on the carrier will click on the ship sign and continue using the aircraft carrier.


  • Rules of Aircraft Launched from Docks 
    Any aircraft, small ship or submarines, and ground vehicle launched from a dock, must have a Carrier type sea vehicle carrying them. This includes disposal of carrier or mothership after undocking so not to cluster up the docks they were launched from.

Potential Problems

Launching aircraft or any vehicle can be tricky. Should a pilot forget to break glass or fail successfully launch a vehicle. The aircraft (or other type of vehicle) will MERGE and operate as one. The Vehicle Control sign on these merged vehicles will act like helm and the smaller vehicle will lose the ability to launch aircraft carrier is disable and blocked from the newly grounded/merged plane aren't removed. To resolve this issue. A player should use the Launcher Sign again, and then click on the Ship helm itself. This will reset the mother carrier and allow the process of launching to work as long as the glass has not been destroyed or has been replaced.

  • Remember: Once ship is stopped, the launcher must be ARMED before breaking the block holding vehicle before launching!
  • Helicopters: It should be noted that Helicopters do not need to use a Launcher Sign if it's to be used as a airborne carrier. For a Helicopter, the player must /ship disable in order to separate intended item/vehicle to be detached. There is a three minute count down. Players trying use Launchers on Helicopters will fine it will not properly function.

Building a Aircraft Carrier

Depending on the size of the carrier, the player should consider what it's for and what they want do with it. Small carriers, like Ship1 and Ship2 size ships, one or two aircraft (if full size) typically carried. Small Ships or Tanks (or both) can change how you want design your ship. This article is focus on how make a air vehicle launching carrier.

A player should design the ship with the aircraft it's going to carry. Please review Aircraft and Helicopter articles before building the carrier. It should be noted, that aircraft can be launched from other shaped of ships, including submarines. However, they provide limited room to launch from. The follow listed below is for full aircraft carrier.

  • Parts of a Carrier: a) Hull - the bottom half of the ship, b) Flight Deck - Where aircraft on minecraft ships are stored and launched from. c) Bridge - Small Superstructure usually to the side of the Flight Deck. c) Main Deck - this is essentially the floor of ship which usually same level as the plot walkway. This is usually located UNDER the Flight Deck d) Bow - this is front of the ship. e) Stern - Back of the ship. d) Launcher Sign - This disables / enables the ship to move again.

The following is directions to build a Ship3 plot sized Aircraft Carrier.

Typically if your making a combat ship. You should build your ship out of Iron. Is typically the strongest normal block used with ships on the server. Other blocks maybe used to make a ship look unique and colorful while still serving the may purpose of NavalClash, blowing other ships! However, you must cost money to spawn. So consider carefully when you make your carrier.

Building a Carrier is essentially the same as building a ship. Review steps of building ships with following changes after Adding Hull Plates and Determine what is to go inside the Hull.

  • Adding Flight Deck and Aircraft 
    Once the hull is completed, you will want to add flat surface to attach the aircraft on it with glass block attaching the aircraft to the flight deck. Make sure when adding aircraft that vehicle has no obstructions in it's way. Anything in the way will result in the plane destroying anything in the way and possibly crashing on to the carrier, resulting in damaging and high likeliness sinking it. Stone blocks can be used to for flight decks, they do offer the ability to launch vehicles without glass, this block can cause a clutter if used.
  • Building the Superstructure and adding weapons 
    With Flight Deck completed, you will need a Superstructure to house your bridge. Make sure not to put it in way of any aircraft launching from the carrier. Weapons such as TnT Cannons can be made flat with the flight deck or put in way that aircraft will not damage them. Remember purpose of the carrier is launch planes.
  • Adding Vehicle & Equipment Signs 
    Now the ship nearly completed. You will need add your "Ship" sign to the bridge and a "Launcher" sign. Additionally, you will want add engine signs else where on the ship.
  • Optional Signs and Features 
    Adding sensors is a good idea for a carrier. This gives the crew the ability to look for enemy vehicles potentially coming for it. The Radar Sign is the most important, while having Sonar sign, Buoyancy Sign, Nav sign for purposes of navigate the ship.

Variations / Alternate Use of the Carrier

As noted above, carriers in general can be used transport and launch other vehicles. They are required to be used when launching other forms of vehicles such as a mini-submarines, small boats, Blimp/Zeppelin or Tanks.

These type carriers aren't meant for battle, but made to be cheap disposable launch vehicles for these different type of air vehicles. However, vehicle designed to land ground movecraft vehicles are referred to as Tank Landing Ships. They're sometimes better armored than simple barges meant to launch blimps/zeppelins. These Tank Landing Ships must survive punishing combat to land it's playload of ground vehicles.