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This is a quick reference page for names and Player Terms used on the server. Some of these references and terms may have it's own article featuring it.


This is a form of Machine gun used on the server. It use used to shoot down airborne vehicles and shoot players. They are not good at destroying strong blocks such as iron and other denser blocks.
This is the term referring to back of a naval or aircraft. The difference between aft and stern is that aft is the inside (onboard) rearmost part of the vessel, while stern refers to the outside (offboard) rearmost part of the vessel. The stern is opposite the bow, the "outside" (offboard) of the front of the boat.<ref>Oxford English Dictionary 2nd. Edition (1989)</ref>
This is a flying vehicle used on the server. It can be used as a fighting vehicle and can be launched from other vehicles as well as from a special spawner for them. They can be armed with AA-Guns, Bomb Dispensers, and Torpedoes.
Apex NBZE War 
The Apex V NBZE War, Is by far the most memorable player faction war of all NBZ and NC History,


A Battleship is designation for a typically a largest type of water based combat vehicle used in fighting. Battleships on the server usually can be from Ship3 to Ship5 and even ShipX in size. They are mobile fortresses, which are not be easily destroyed, but not known for their mobility.
Bofors are light style autocannon that fires automatically. The bullet like shells at high rate of speed. They would almost be the same as AA-Guns, but you must be careful while using it since they can damage the ship it's mounted on. Right clicks turns on, Left Clicks shuts off, getting off disables it. Bofors are modeled after real world Bofor 40mm Autocannon used in World War II and even today.
This the old nautical reference to the front of a naval vehicle.
In science, buoyancy or upthrust, is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object. Ships depends on being balanced of weight and proper air pockets to remain afloat or it will sink.


These are the main anti-vehicle weapon used on the server. It is designed to use a dispenser and pumpkins as barrels to guide TNT and fling them certain distance where will explode and cause damage and possible destruction of the target it hits.
A cruiser is designation for a typically a large type of water based combat vehicle used in combat. Cruisers are traditionally used as command ships, destroy smaller ships or bombard bases in faction raids. On the server, these ship's sizes can vary. Usually they are sizes from Ship2 to Ship3.


This is escort type of Warship and least expensive type of large water-base vehicle known as a "Ship" found on the game. They are considered to be entry level warship to use for new players. Typically Destroyers are built in Ship1 plots. Examples of Destroyers include; "DD Atlantis, DD Gearing, DD Scorpion, and DD Wasp. There are large destroyers which are model to be larger scale vessel like modern real life destroyers which are now same size and weight of World War II cruisers.
Discord Prison 
This is a term when a player or staff is on the [ Discord] Voice service and can see chat on the server via the link. This person is unable to login via Minecraft and can only chat via discord only.
Also known as Dupping, this is illegal method of replicating items placed in the a plot which are forbidden to make copies of on large scale or for free.


End Stone 
This is a normal Minecraft Block, which is used as virtual water tank for submarines. This is accomplished through Navycraft, coded so one more more these blocks to collectively increase weight of vehicle their built into. This is done possibly only through the use a the Ballasttank (Sign). The Block also adds additional armor to the vehicle it's in as well due to it's modest blast resistance to TNT.
A Engine (sign) is a special sign one two items needed for a vehicle to move. Each engine has a designated identification and a type name. Each type is how much power a engine provides for it to move. Engines typically can be grouped together provide a vehicle more power to move it's weight and move fast.
Equipment Signs 
This is a category of signs that allows players to enhance their navycraft vehicle with added features such as; Air/Ground/underwater detection, exclusive communication, enabling to launch airborne/seaborne/ground vehicles from a carrier vehicle.


Faction is a group of players who work under the leader. A faction can own land and collectively use it's wealth to fight other factions for fame and glory. Factions can grow their ability to own more land by gaining additional members to it's collective. Factions typically build bases, which under war type state can be raided by opposing factions or they themselves can raid enemy factions.
Alias for combat aircraft. See Aircraft



Is a type of air vehicle which uniquely can hover and fly using the "Helicopter" sign. These vehicles do not use engines, but are slow due to it's speed being regulated by clicks of a player moving direction wants it to go. Aircraft


  • IronSeas 
    Iron Seas was a Navycraft server that was first created by Solmex in early 2017 in the wake of Naval Battlezone server's permanent shutdown. This server intiially duplicate of NBZ, briefly merged with rivial NavalClash ran by Solmex months later, Months later Ironseas was re-started again, with Solmex as owner as rival to NavalClash. It would over course of a year build momentum, as Solmex coded innovative things, while Clash remain same and faulter due to mismanagement and unhappiness in state of the server. IronSeas by October had exceeded in retaining players to it's server, while Clash looked like it would be shutdown for good until Solmex spoke with DroopyStarFish to merge once again without Sidewalk. Ironseas merged or took over NavalClash as it's new version.





These are long range attack weapons, fire for wool block like projectile above the water at a target it. There two types missiles, Mark 1 & Mark 2. These weapons are principle can be used as bombardment weapons or anti-ship weapons. They can be mounted on any vehicles, while they havetwo style of launchers you can used. See the Missile Article for more details.
This is staffmember rank who regulates rules and supervises Trainers. They have some world/edit powers to assist players who need need assistance.


This is name of the Plugin/Spigot for Minecraft that allows vehicles to move and specialized weapons used on server possible. This was developed by Maximuspayne. Navycraft is related to similar and older spigot known as Movecraft. Navycraft basically makes the illusion a vehicle moves, while it's in fact teleporting entire vehicle structure couple blocks in direction the player desires it go to. This method of movement communally causes lag on a server using either spigot. While Movecraft is modeled to create Steampunk style airships with guns and traditional Sailing Ships, Navycraft is modeled to be Modern Navy Ships, and other assortment of Warships. This plugin was first developed and made for the old Naval Battlezone server. In 2017, Solmex began his own branch of NavyCraft named NavyCraft Reloaded. This version would spur creation of modern devices not seen on Naval Battlezone or Old NavalClash, including Missiles, Advanced Radar, other devices unable to be added since departure of Maximuspayne.
This is a completely redesigned version of Navalcraft, which developed by the original coder Maximuspayne. This version features more details, new designed methods operating vehicles and other associated features to the Navycraft code and it's later variants. Prominent features include large vehicles, use of glass panes for barrels and other detailed features using a special Texturepack.
Naval Battlezone 
This was a server which IronSeas & NavalClash originated from and it's code "NavyCraft" was developed. Known also by it's initials, "NBZ", the server operated from 2011 to 2017. It was originally operated by Maximuspayne and later taken over by DigitalDave303. The server operated varied from having players play various of war games and server had changed from Faction fighting on land with ships still primary driver of it's military gaming to Permafactions which was form of permanent factions which players designated a later, usually modeled by old World War II factions in real life. Russia, United States, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, and so forth. The NavyCraft plugin evolved on this server and shaped it. Many elements from this server are present on IronSeas and Clone servers using the publicly release plugins and spigots. Initial Staff and Players on IronSeas when it opened in 2017 have played Naval BattleZone in the Past. Due to the nature of the server, majority of spawn, shipyard, codes, schems are artifacts from NBZ.



This is a single fire projectile weapon used in player vs player (PvP) combat which is used during a raid of a base or in the Tankspawn. The weapon uses ammunition, which has number of shots and can be exhausted.


This is a term for a warship or merchant ship disguise as a harmless civilian vehicle with no military purpose. Also known a Merchant Cruisers, these ships typically used ambush unsuspecting enemies vehicles who are unaware of their ship's true nature of being armed vehicle. Also these ships are also used a spy ships as well.


This equipment sign used to detect active vehicles operating on and above the water. When on, the sign can show location in proximity to the sign. It requires active vehicle or non-Ship Sign to power it.
Acronym for Rocket Propelled Grenade. This is a handheld weapon that can be used by a player engaged in Player vs Player combat in faction base raids, outpost combat, or in the Tankspawn. It is a form of projectile weapon which explodes when it hits a target. This weapon has very limited number of rounds or shots it can fire.


This is a method of attacking waterbase minecraft vehicles by players. Named for US Navy Seals, this method of attack is when a player swims to a vehicle and climbs associated vehicles and take over and likely kill crews in pvp combat. In past, Sealing was considered to be banned due to too many players killing game play. However, it is currently allowed in wilderness. It is currently against the rules should the attack accrue inside of Safedocks.
Ship6 was a experimental size plot for use on the server. Coded on the 1.8.8 version of the navycraft spigot, this plot size was nearly doubled of the original Ship5 size plot. However, the update to the 1.12 version of the navycraft spigot to allow more players to use a more modern Minecraft launcher did not include this new size of ship.
This is a equipment sign designed to detect active vehicles operating on and below the surface of the water. It will only detect active vehicles only.
This is a special sign which allows players to spawn a vehicle which it is specialize to "Paste" into a World where the player may purchase it's use. There are seven different spawners, 5 dedicated for 5 different plot sizes of Ship, 2 for hangars where two sizes of Airplanes, and 1 for spawning tanks.
The Sponge block is used on the server for ships or submarines. The block is use help if the ship takes in water and begins to sink. The block will act as a bilge pump and will remove a certain amount of water for about 20 - 30 seconds before sponge has becomes full. These blocks must not be used any other place but INSIDE the submarine or ship's interior or hull. Not on outside.
Stern is nautical term for the back part of a ship or boat. The term "Aft" is reference to back of the INTERIOR of the a naval vehicle.Estep, Harvey Cole (1918). How Wooden Ships Are Built. New York: WW Norton. p. 59. OCLC 561361622
This a vehicle design to primarily operate under water. Vehicle with a "Submarine" sign, can us this on surface of the water and with additional sign called "Subdrive" dive underwater and operate below the waves. Submarines are usually armed powerful missile like weapons called Torpedoes. This allows a torpedo armed submarine to kill ships without being directly effected or detected initially by a surface ship or plane.
Surface Naval Vessel
These vessels are descended from the Ships and Boats used in ancient Terra. They are loosely classed into standard hulled boats or Hydrofoils.


This is a ground based combat Vehicle used to project firepower against opposing forces. Due to the nature of the world. Typically these vehicles are unable to smoothly operate in WW1 and exclusively used in ares designated as the Tankspawn.
This is a area which is used for arena style combat using principle Tanks. However players may take up small weapons and combat each other. This area is periodically changed to change theme and give players new areas to fight on.
This a special type of weapon which is type of missile that operates underwater. They can be fired from airplanes, ships, and submarines. They have special launchers that can be used underwater. They are made from wool blocks. When they hit their target, unless destroyed before reaching it, will explode. Due to oddity of physicals of the weapon, they can "fly" from one above the water and below water. When above the water, the typically AA Guns are only good weapon to shoot down torpedoes if they remain airborne. Torpedoes are generally slower than TNT, but more destructive.
This is a designation for staff member whose role is to help players (new and old) with basic problems and helps them play the server. They also are responsible for keeping the Docks clean of debris.
Trench Warfare 
This a special battlefield established for players to form two teams and fight using special weapons selected by players. No vehicles are used on this area. Cannons Do not Currently Work in The Trench Map.



This is a old term for former Naval Battlezone players who were formally staff member before resigning. These players were typically were given additional Ship plots. Practice of retired players given this special rank and staff has not been carried on IronSeas.
This is a Term for Vertical Take Off and Landing, this is a term for Vehicles on IronSeas that can be both a Plane, and a Helicopter. Vtol is very common on most aircraft because of the High Speeds, the ability to land, And the ability to hover over enemies. It is done by having 2 Different Vehicles Signs on Your Plane, Aircraft, and Helicopter, To swap between the Two, Use /Ship Release while on either one then use the vehicle Sign of either Aircraft (If you were on helicopter) or helicopter (If you were using Aicraft). All rules regarding Aircraft apply to Vtol style Vehicles.


War World
War World is general name for combat area of the IronSeas, also known as War World 1. This is area where player fight, establish their own factions and earn xp to gain benefits of additional ranks.
A large combat sea-based ship that requires large crew to operate. Typically used to project a faction/nation power to destroy opposing forces and their vehicles.