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Helicopter - Air-base Vehicle design to be able hover and move in any direction.

The Hangar1 sized SkyEye Class Helicopter


A Helicopter is a airborne vehicle designed for it's ability to be maneuverable in the air and hover.

How a Helicopter Works

Unlike most minecraft vehicles that can fly, it's unique Helicopter sign allows vehicle to hover without the issue of crashing if the pilot steps away from the vehicle control sign. While vehicle itself able to hover and move in any direction the pilot wants to go, it is very slow and does not rely on Aircraft Engines.

Roles of Helicopter

Typical roles the Helicopter are for;

  • Attack Helicopter: Helicopters can be equip with a single barrel TnT Cannons, torpedoes, and Bomb Dispensers. While not able to be very armored, they can be provide an effect means destroying vehicles from the air.
  • Utility Helicopters: Not always used in this role on the server, Helicopters can be used to lift large quantities of cargo to places where normal ground vehicles and Ships are unable to go. These can include smaller ground vehicles. See Notes for details.
  • Scouting: Helicopters can be used to move about lands from the air, where fast moving aircraft are unable to spot as they fly by.

Vehicle Commands

Players controlling the Helicopter (or any vehicle) has accessed to special vehicle commands. These commands can allow to do special non-sign things, such as checking health of the vehicle, talking exclusively to crew on a special chat channel not seen on the server, and other unique vehicle commands. The owner of the Helicopter, has exclusive control over commands that eliminates crew members or even destroys the ship itself if needed.

A help directory can be called in to use to see these list of commands. A player may simply type /ship help.

How to get Started

To use any vehicle. A player must go to the Shipyard world and Select a vehicle to be spawned. The player will go to the War World, and use a Spawner Sign to create copy of the vehicle chosen in the Ship plot.

  • NOTE: Any vehicle spawned in the War World, typically has a cost. Once the ship leaves safedocks, the player who driving the vehicle will be charged the cost of the vehicle.

Steps on Spawning a Helicopter

  • Choose a Hangar1 
    A player will will go to their Hangar1 plot (or public Hangar1 plot) and click on top "*Select*" sign. The lower sign below the Select Sign, is plot information. The most important thing of this sign is the lowest line, which declares what kind of sized of plot it is. When selecting a ship, you must find a spawner that has this plot type. Example, the lower sign says "Hangar1", so you want find a Spawner sign, that says "Hangar1". This is same for any type Spawner. The spawner must be made for the plot your spawning from.
  • Using the Spawner 
    Simply go to the docks (/warp docks) and select a Dock. Dock is where NavalClash allows a player to spawn a ship/submarine style vehicle. Find the Spawner that matches the size plot your using and click on it. A copy of your ship from the shipyard will be recreated in the plot and ready for your use.
  • Rules of Launching a Helicopter : It is important to remember never launch when you have vehicle in the way, waiting to launch or in process of taking off from the airfield. Do not spawn OVER another vehicle. This will sometimes merge both vehicles and leave the spawner spot unusable until a staff member can clear mess. If a vehicle is abandoned on the airfield, take command of the vehicle (if Aircraft sign is still intact) and do /Ship Destroy, this will cleanly remove the unwanted vehicle.

How to drive a Helicopter

Directions a Helicopter can travel vertically
  • Step 1
    Starting a Helicopter : To Start a Helicopter after it is spawned, a player will go a Helicopter's Vehicle Control sign. To activate the vehicle (or turn on), a player clicks the "Helicopter" sign. Once this is done, the vehicle will be activated and slowly move. The player who clicks the ship sign will be granted a Gold Sword and a free Gold Armor. The gold sword is the control device to allow you to steer the ship. The gold armor is for the owner of the ship, is designated as the "Captain". The Captain is the commander the ship and any players on-board the vehicle. Any additional players on the ship with become "Crew" who helps operates the ship. The crew will be granted their own free armor. The other players helping operate the Helicopter, can also drive it. However the captain has special commands he can issue to the ship.
  • Step 2
    Launching : To fly with helicopter is similar to using a Submarine or regular Aircraft. The pilot once they have the gold sword in hand, can click direction they wish to go. The Vehicle will move 3 blocks in that direction. Unlike all other vehicles, helicopter does not use an engine unless it hybrid which has both aircraft and helicopter signs. Remember when leaving an airfield, to be aware of other aircraft on the ground so you do not hit them.
  • Step 3
    Flying: While airborne, the player will needs to constantly click gold sword in order to keep the vehicle moving. This goes for how high they wish to ascend in the air or how low to the ground you wish to go. Helicopters pilots need only to look at direction they wish to go and click towards that direction.
  • Step 4
    Landing : When a pilot wish to land Helicopter, the player needs to be be mindful how far off the ground they are. While the vehicle can be one block above the ground, they can not completely land vehicle on the ground or risk vehicle "crashing" and exploding. It's recommended to hover the Helicopter two blocks above the ground. Then placing weak destroyable blocks under it once it is in place. It's recommended that vehicle user do /ship disable to shutdown vehicle without risking vehicle crashing.
Directions a Helicopter can travel Horizontally

Construction Instruction & Rules

All Helicopters are built in the Shipyard world, where there are plots that allow players to build their helicopter in limited creative mode. A Helicopter maybe built in the war world as well, but rules about shaping a ship remains the same no matter where it is. See below.


Helicopters have a block limit of 2000. Which a player must be careful not to add too many unnecessary items to it. As of 2018, the proper materials used to build helicopters includes; Wool, Wood, Slabs*, Stairs*, Glass, Moss, Quartz Note: Blocks noted with asterisks "*" are type of blocks that can't be used. See Items not allowed for details.

  • Items not allowed or FORBIDDEN to make airplane or aircraft are aside from Illegal Blocks are: Stone, cobblestone, Sandstone (All including slabs), Stain Clay/Terracotta, Cement, Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Coal Blocks, Gold, Purpur (all) blocks, and Iron.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make a airplane resemble a box-like object like a house or a room.

It advisable that players constructing a airborne vehicle that it resemble a Helicopter; Large over head Rotor, Tail, etc. However, if the Helicopters sign can be mounted on other air vehicles. See below for more details.

  • Weapons Restrictions and Blocks 
    Helicopters are restricted to only having single-barrel TnT Cannons mounted on them. Other cannons types which use gold or iron blocks can not be mounted. The blocks of iron or gold will not function with aircraft. Single Barrel TnT cannons can use other blocks be used to substitute block needed to mount a button to fire the gun. Such as Wood, double slab type blocks, even glass.
  • Shaping a Helicopter 
    A Helicopter can vary in size and shape. The server has rules for making a ship decrees that Helicopters built in must resemble a air vehicle of some kind and NOT be completely box or rectangular shaped.
  • No Illegal Blocks 
    Illegal Blocks are Minecraft blocks that are not able to be used on any type of moving vehicle. They can cause the vehicle to glitch. Glitch is essentially nickname for a bug in the coding/programming Minecraft. A Glitch causes the minecraft used by Navalcraft plugin to malfunction. Results of a glitch can cause vehicle stop working or completely disappear. Exploiting glitches is illegal. Certain Minecraft blocks and new blocks added to Minecraft after version 1.8 and beyond MUST NOT be used as well.
  • Restricted Blocks 
    Restricted blocks on aircraft like Helicopters, aren't illegal on other vehicles. However, solid stone type blocks are barred, as well as gold, iron, terracotta (all types)
  • No Depth Charges 
    Only Bomb Droppers are permitted to be mounted on Helicopters.
  • No Torpedo Walls 
    A player may mount maximum of six torpedoes, while they can not do double layer of them.
  • No Ships-Helicopters 
    Helicopters can not be fitted with a 2nd sign that either "Ship" or "Submarine".

Instructions for Building a Helicopter

The following is suggest methods of building a Helicopter for first time users. Before getting started a play should consider what they want to setup their ship. Such as speed, weapons, equipment signs, and so forth. The following is directions for building a Hangar1 plot sized Helicopter.

Typically helicopters are made from slabs type blocks, wool, wood, glass, and other blocks not strong blocks.

Interior of a Hybrid Helicopter which has a Helicopter and also a Aircraft sign for added mobility
  • Outline 
    Fly above the plot see shape you wish the vehicle to posses. Start laying out shape the Helicopter will have./
  • Fill out fuselage (main body) 
    Fill in the fuselage of the main body once you have shape you want to use.
  • Add Weapons 
    Add your guns to the vehicle you wanted.
  • Add Vehicle and Equipment Signs 
    Add Helicopter sign, Optional signs Radar, Nav, and others to enhance the vehicle's abilities.

Construction Tips in Building Helicopters

  • Protected Under Bottom of the Helicopter 
    Typically made out of vulnerable materials, its smart idea to place slabs underneath the vehicle. This slows down battle damage being inflicted to the Helicopter.
  • Placing Bombs Droppers 
    When placing bomber droppers, remember to leave clean area for bombs to spawn. They will appear couple blocks from the vehicle when "Bombs Away" message is given. If this not handled correctly, the vehicle risks suffering a likely fatal explosion.
  • Use on a Carrier 
    Alternate method of spawning aircraft or more than one is to mounted on a Aircraft Carrier. These are Ships, that would include cost of spawning the vehicle. Using Launcher sign, the aircraft to be brought to a destination with less risk of it's destruction prematurely by would-be attackers near the spawn.
  • Some Assembly Required 
    Different strategy to deploy aircraft is to make Helicopter in the wild. A vehicle's parts are stored on typically a cargo ship or other means. These supplies to make an airplane can be later assembled at a faction base. By doing so, you allow the ability to launch air vehicles from a place perhaps closer than from launching from Spawn's air field or a Aircraft Carrier, which can be highly vulnerable being destroyed after being spawned. This tactic was extremely popular during the last season of NBZ in early 2017, when access to the server Hangar1's and 2's plots were removed.
Example of a Hybrid Aircraft's control room/cockpit.
  • Hybrid Aircraft 
    While typically vehicles that use a combination Vehicle Control Signs are restricted, using Helicopter and Aircraft signs are allowed. These allow air vehicles flexibility of vertically landing and giving helicopter greater speed that it won't necessary have.
  • Tank, Submarines, or Cargo Carrying 
    A Helicopter (usually ones found on Carriers) can be used to relay large objects and even other vehicles (typically tanks, but other can be done as well.) Glass is typically used to connect two separate vehicles, a will allow a vehicle carried to be separated. This is very tricky method of using helicopter. What must be carefully measure is the total block count for the vehicle itself with its intended cargo. Should it exceed says, 1000 block overall with cargo, the Helicopter will not function. Additionally, unlike most vehicles, it does not need to use a Launcher, but must use /ship disable command to allow for the Helicopter to shutdown in order separate carried vehicle from the Helicopter.