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What are factions

Factions on NavalClash are groups of players who form which are considered political entities or nations. Players form or join factions, gain advantages of being grouped together as partners. Within these factions, the leadership will typically with political & military ranks designated by it's leader.

The Faction Leader (founder, first one) will form the faction. As faction members join, they gain advantage of power of being able claim more land for it. When part of a faction, factions members can not attack one another. With exception of operating vehicles, player vs player combat is not possible. Also, if one is a allied, these player can non attack allied members.

June 2018, the Faction plugin was replaced with Kingdoms Plugin to handle the Player Groups .

Claiming land

One the chief benefits of factions is the ability to "claim" land. This way, factions can protect their own structures; for example: A base or Air base.

The claiming of land is done by the chunk, which means that 1 unit of land is a chunk of 16*16*World Height. Factions can claim land by using either the /f claim or the /f autoclaim commands: the first claims one chunk of land, and the second claims all the land you walk on until you disable it again. There are also many other extensions and versions of this command. Use /f help in your command console for more information.

Take Note: the claiming of land is limited and expensive, so make sure you claim the land you want. You can unclaim land as well, but this will be even more expensive.

Faction Commands

  • Discord Note 
    Normal faction chat channels now work with discord so you can use ally chat, fac chat, truce chat etc... with your faction titles and not have to worry about being spied on. (/f chat channel)

/f map: got a huge upgrade, you can actually claim land from the map
/f banner: costs 10k, gives you a banner that, when placed in enemy land, grants your faction boosts in that land as well as a way to warp to it for 3 minutes.
/f coords: broadcasts your coordinates to your faction
/f ban, /f unban, /f banlist: Ban/unban people from your fac
/f lowpower: Shows members with low power
/f perms: Opens f perms GUI
/f near: see nearby fac members within 200 blocks
/f announce: announce a msg to your fac
/f logins: toggle fac login notifications
/f warp, /f setwarp: fac warps. max 3
/f rules, /f rules add: View and add rules for your faction

Old Faction Commands

/f help <page> - Lists the commands for factions, page 1-5
/f list <page> - Gives you a list of all factions
/f f <faction name> - Shows a specific faction's info, Faction description, If an invitation is required or not, Land(how much land, not location), Power/maxpower, Land value, Amount of money in faction bank, Allies and Enemies, and Members(on and offline)
/f power <player> - Shows a player's current power level
/f join <faction> - Joins a faction if you have an invite to the faction, or if no invitation is required to join. Note: you must leave your current faction(if you're in one) before joining another faction
/f leave - Leaves the faction you are currently in. Note: Faction members don't have permissions for this anymore.
/f home - Teleports you to your faction's set home point, following a 10 second countdown.
/f create <faction name> - Creates a faction
/f sethome - Sets your faction's home (must be a faction officer or faction owner to set faction home)
/f tag <new tag> - Changes your faction's name
/f demote <player> - Demote members of your faction
/f desc <description> - Changes your faction's description
/f invite <player> - Invites a player to your faction
/f deinvite <player> - Removes a pending invitation
/f open - Switch if an invitation is required to join your faction
/f claim - Claim land where you are standing - 1 land=1 chunk - 1 chunk=16 blocks
/f autoclaim - Auto-claim land as you walk around - 1 land=1 chunk - 1 chunk=16 blocks
/f unclaim - Unclaims the land where you are standing
/f unclaimall - Unclaim all your factions land
/f kick <player> - Kick a player from the faction
/f officer <player> - Give or revoke officer rights
/f leader <player> - Hand over leader rights
/f title <player> <title> - set or remove a players title
/f map - Show the territory map
/f disband - Disband your faction
/f ally <faction> - Request to ally a faction
/f enemy <faction> - Enemy a faction
/f neutral <faction> - Set faction relation to neutral
/f truce <faction> - Set faction relation
/f promote <player> - Promote a player in the faction


Permafactions were permanent factions based on real world nations, Russia, United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy and so forth. These factions' purpose was world conquest. This style game play was revisited a number of times always returning to Player created factions. NavalClash's old server which it was founded on same codes, Naval Battlezone typically had these fixed factions. This form of game play, required players choose one faction to be come and was assigned a role as part of each member permafaction.

How PermaFactions Worked

Permafactions usually were setup for battle traditional real world alliances from World War II.

Over the years of Naval Battlezone and later NavalClash, permenant factions would be organized ans assigned a leader. After grace period, these factions would be set on a map where they need to conqueror land masses. Usually, world map would be set of islands or larger continent like landmasses. Staff would over see and confirm conquests and watch battles. Usually large scale ones were organized / scheduled so as many as player at possible can be on, not unlike a event.

Last rendition of server had Permafactions sometimes assigned or given pre-built bases to start off from. 2017 Permafactions for NavalClash, there were one base and one outpost given to each of the six permafactions which also includes spawners for either air or sea base vehicles.

Other setups for this game play had two permafactions facing each other where each faction was give a large city complex which to operate from (with spawners for Tank1s, Ships, and Hangars1. in this setup, the map would have been seeded with abandoned Outposts for the permafactions to conqueror and control. Idea being Conquest of all outposts would lead to the invasion of the Permafaction's city in some kind planned event. This setup was intended for the 2016 Permafaction Map.

Why Permafactions No Longer Are Used

Permafaction game play is very staff-intensive and requires players to be dedicated to Roleplay their roles within their designated permafaction. However, during end of NBZ's life span, permafaction game play became less popular and would revert to normal player factions.

World Maps

The server operates on a designed world for game play. In November 16th 2018, NavalClash would interduce a player created map by Mr_ZuperAwesome. This replaced the series of reused/re-utilize many of the schemed maps once used Naval Battlezone. These previous and current maps Included;

Snap Shots of Earth Map

Current Faction Game Play

The latest NavalClash game play is handled now by Kingdom Conquest spigot, as of July 2018. The map in use if the Big Earth map, which is 27,000 blocks long by 13,000 blocks wide. Nav (Sign) Works on only 6k By 6k Maps. At the Time of writing this article, Nav Signs ability to locate it's current location on a map is still disabled.

Other Features Available to Factions

Players groups can purchase Spawners for their vehicles needs. if they can afford to do so, may pay for a ship Spawner for their members' use. These spawners cost 25,000 game credits to setup for any given group. Only Admin may set such a spawner.