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Launcher (Sign)

Example of Inactive Launcher - This is how the sign looks when in the Shipyard.
  • Function - Enables Launching of attached vehicles
  • Cost - Free


The Launcher Sign is a equipment sign designed for one purpose, to enable a large minecraft vehicle to "launch" smaller vehicles. These smaller minecraft vehicles can be any legal type vehicle such as; Ships, Submarines, Aircraft, Helicopters, and Tanks.

How It Works

When a player wishes to launch an attached smaller vehicle, they must completely stop the carrier vehicle (typically a ship). Once the message "Vehicle Stopped" comes up, the player will click the "Launcher" sign. The launcher is not unlike disabling a vehicle, if not temporarily. Then whomever is piloting the smaller vehicle to be launched, will go to it and "break glass" which is block typically used to connect the smaller vehicle to the "carrier". Once broke, the driver will get into the smaller vehicle and activate it's Vehicle Sign and depart.

How To: Use A Launcher

  • Step 1
    Stopping Carrier : No attached small minecraft vehicle cannot be launched unless carrier is at a complete stop.
  • Step 2
    Launcher Sign : Once the ship is a complete stop. The Launcher Sign must be click so it's "Armed". This is effectively disabling the ship itself. It is IMPORTANT that follow things are done before the ship is reactivated.
  • Step 3
    Breaking Glass : The most important thing that must be done while the Launcher Sign is "Armed" is to break the connecting block between the Air Vehicle and the Flight Deck. Typically a Glass block is used to act as the connector due to easy of breaking it.
  • Step 4
    Launching the Smaller Vehicle : Once glass is broken, the player will drive their respective smaller vehicle off the carrier
  • NOTE 
  • Step 5
    Reactivating the Carrier : Should this vessel have crew, the crew of the vehicle still on the carrier will click on the Vehicle Control sign and continue using the carrier.

Important Information About Launchers

The critical that the smaller vehicle has completely left "carrier". IF the player who using the smaller vehicle has not broken glass, the smaller vehicle will "MERGE" with carrier and both vehicles will malfunction.

Only way to resolve the issue is to use the Launcher sign, then click on the proper vehicle sign. However, the smaller vehicle will have "fallen" on top of the carrier, the player may need break blocks (2 block from the vehicle) to allow it be able to move on it's own once launcher sign turned to "Armed".


  • Rules of Using Launcher Signs from the Docks 
    Any aircraft or small ship or submarines, and ground vehicle launched from a dock, must have a Carrier type sea vehicle carrying them. This includes disposal of carrier or mothership after undocking so not to cluster up the docks they were launched from.


  • Procedures of Launcher sign can also be found in more detail in the Aircraft Carrier article.