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 Welcome to the NavalClash wiki!

The Wiki's purpose

This Wiki's purpose will be to enlighten new players on some of the simple tasks they will need to perform to push out of their Ensign rank onto bigger and better things which will be explained in this Wiki. And with the help of our more seasoned players, server mods, and admins, we are sure that many of the more hidden secrets of NavalClash will be revealed as well.

So take a moment to get started and familiarize yourself with the Wiki using the page links at the bottom of this page. Make a post on the forums if you'd like to take the quiz to become a wiki editor :)

Notice to All NAVAL BATTLEZONE Players

Thank you all for being so supportive of the NBZ community. Navalbattlezone is now indefinitely shutdown after lingering years of amusement. HOWEVER! You can continue to play with the community on it's official continuation - NavalClash. Same developer, same plugins, same community.

You can connect with the IP

Feel free to checkout the navalclash discord here:

Start Here

A text based tutorial of the server to get you a fresh and simple start can be found by starting with A beginner's guide and simply following our detailed instructions and any links that you may see.

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Brief Page List

A beginner's guide
Introduction to the ShipYard
Vehicle Building Guide
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