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Example of a early navycraft Tank - Note this is made from wood.

Tank - Ground-base Vehicle design to operate semi-flat land.


A Tank is a movecraft based ground vehicle used to convey players from place to place by land. It usually used for combat, however any vehicle that operates on land must used the components used for a Tank. This article will principally talk about ground combat, but other forms of ground vehicles will be gone over as well.

These ground vehicles can also be used to relay supplies to place to place that may not be practical either ship or plane. Players can make them into unarmed vehicles, and small as several blocks. Some have made them into cars and even motorcycles.

A Tank1 going over a uneven hilly areas

Tanks can handle most ground which is put in front of them. They are in fact amphibious and can cross water. However, tanks can not handle extreme terrain or steep slopes where it has to climb/descend near vertical angles. In extreme cases, tanks can not operate below certain block level due to the nature of NavyCraft's setup.

The Tank1 climbing up a hill

There are two types of Tanks, which use different plots to be made. Traditionally, Tanks are made in "Tank1" plots. Tank2s are not currently in use, but use a Tank2 size hangar, which allows for monster size vehicle to be use, As there is no Sign to spawn them in Tankspawn.

How a Tank Works

Vehicle Commands

Aside from various equipment signs attached to the vehicle, there are special commands you can issue by typing them in the chat box. These commands can be seen by doing /ship help.

Players controlling the ship (or any vehicle) has accessed to special vehicle commands. These commands can allow to do special non-sign things, such as checking health of the vehicle, talking exclusively to crew on a special chat channel not seen on the server, and other unique vehicle commands. The owner of the tank, has exclusive control over commands that eliminates crew members or even destroys the Tank itself if needed.

How to get Started

To use any vehicle. A player must go to the Shipyard world and get a vehicle to be spawned. The player will go to the War World, and use a Spawner Sign to create copy of the vehicle chosen in the Tank plot.

The following instructions are for a Tank1 sized vehicle.

  • NOTE(1): Any vehicle spawned in the War World 1 will always have a cost to pay to use. Once the tank leaves safedocks (even though this a ground vehicle), the player who driving the vehicle will be charged the cost of the vehicle.
  • NOTE(2): "Tank" will cease operating if they are below the level 62
  • NOTE(3): By Default, unless the Driving position is completely covered. A Driver using a tank will be able to use a built in AA-Gun. To active, like on Aircraft, you left click while holding the gold sword, bullets will fly out. If you are on a Helm. This aa-gun ability will not work.

Steps on Spawning a Tank

  • Choose a Tank 
    A player will will go to their Tank plot (or public plot) and click on top "*Select*" sign. The lower sign below the Select Sign, is plot information. The most important thing of this sign is the lowest line, which declares what kind of sized of plot it is. When selecting a ship, you must find a spawner that has this plot type. Example, the lower sign says "Tank1", so you want find a Spawner sign, that says "Tank1". This is same for any type spawner. Spawner must be made for the plot your spawning from.
  • Using the Spawner 
    Simply go to the Tankspawn (/warp tankspawn) and select a Tankspawning location. The Tankspawn is where NavalClash allows a player to spawn a ground style vehicle for arena combat. Other ways of deploying tanks in the wild is via a ship, which acts as a carrier or Landing Ship.

Find the Spawner that matches the size plot your using and click on it. A copy of your ship from the shipyard will be recreated in the plot and ready for your use.

How to drive a Tank

  • Step 1
    Starting a Tank: A player simply goes to a "Tank" sign (this is the vehicle control sign) placed in the vehicle, and right clicks it. That player will be granted (free) gold armor and a temporary gold sword. This is could be referred to as the control sword. This sword will only remain in the player's inventory until the player steps 1 block away from the Vehicle Control sign. Once activated a player will hear sound of a engine and vehicle will be slowly move forwards. The player will be unable to turn while in this launch area known as Safedocks.
  • Step 2
    Change Gears : There are two things that must be done to go faster with a Tank. When a tank is activated, it is set to the lowest speed. NavyCraft vehicles all have a setting called "gears". Tanks usually have 2-3 gear settings. If Tank is small and has large number of engines, it could go very fast if it's light enough. To go faster a player holding the gold sword must press the "Sneak button" and right click the mouse to swing the sword to switch gears. A message will flash saying "Gear (1)", to "Gear (2)" and then "Gear (3)". The Tank is now in forwards (fast). You no longer have to hold the sneak button.
  • Step 3
    Increasing Speed : Once gears are set to "Gear (2)" or "(3)", a player has full control of the vehicle's speed. While still holding on the gold sword, the player must now just right click while facing forwards (or facing the ship sign). The vehicle to increase speed by 1 setting per swing. Ships have 4 speeds: Stop, 25% 50% 75% 100% Different speeds allows to the player to be able adjust the movement pursue enemy vehicles, escort friendly Vehicles who maybe slower than you. Typically larger tanks are slower unless they have very powerful series of engines.
  • Step 4
    Turning Direction : Once a Tank is no longer in spawning / safedocks area, a Tank will be free to steer to go what every direction its needed to go. While holding the gold sword, a player will face direction they want. Either to the left or to right while standing in front of the Tank sign. With one right click of the mouse, the avatar will swing the gold sword and the Tank will begin to turn with a couple seconds delay. The Tank will turn 90 degrees once delay is complete. There are two directions a Tank maybe turned. 1) Is normal turn, where the player will right click more than once. 2) Sliding at angle. A Tank can moving in a slide, will face forwards (what direction it was originally moving) and it will slide to in certain direction vs turning completely 90 degrees, moving at 45 degree angle. Sliding can go either right or left.
  • Step 5
    Slowing Down And Stopping : During the course of driving a Tank , a player may want stop the Tank or slow it down so to grab items they find from dead Tank wrecks or go swim to a island. To slow and stop a Tank you can same method. Clicking the Tank sign, if you have not already done so. Face your avatar's back to the Tank Sign and right click the Gold Sword. By doing so your speeds will decrease. From Highest speed to when you get the message "Stopping". This will take approximately 30 seconds to do. Eventually the Tank ip will come to a complete stop.

Other Optional Steps of Driving a Tank .

  • Step 6
    Backing Up the Tank : If a tank is unable to over come area that's block or driver is trying to collided with something. Having the tank back up is always valid option. First step is to stop the Tank. Once it's completely stopped. Click the Tank sign if you don't have Gold Sword in hand. While facing your back to the Tank sign, hold the "Sneak Button" and right click the mouse button and you will changes "gears". You will get message "Gear (-1), and eventually Gear (-2), the same way as if your starting your Tankfor the first time. Then you can right click (without holding down the "Sneak Button" and you will increase your vehicle speed. Stopping the Tank is the same, right clicking your mouse until you get the your Tank is at complete stop. To go forwards again you must repeat Step 2 & Step 3 to go forwards again. REMEMBER: Your vehicle must be at a COMPLETE STOP to change gears.

Construction Instruction & Rules

All Tanks are built in the Shipyard world, where there are plots that allow players to build their ships in limited creative mode.

Tanks are made in Tank plots, there are two types; Tank1 and Tank2 size plots. The Tank2 are currently not in use but are here in this article as example.


  • Tank1s can be as tall as 7 blocks high, 17 blocks long, 10 wide
  • Tank2s can be as tall as 9 blocks high, 31 blocks long, 23 wide

A Tank can be built in the war world as well, but rules about shaping a Tank remains the same no matter where it is. See below.


  • Shaping a Tank 
    A Tank can vary in size and shape. The server has rules for making a Tank decrees that most tanks must be a completely box shaped vehicle. However, you can shape into any type of ground vehicle you desire.
  • No Illegal Blocks 
    Illegal Blocks are Minecraft blocks that are not able to be used on any type of moving vehicle. They can cause the vehicle to glitch. Glitch is essentially nickname for a bug in the coding/programming Minecraft. A Glitch causes the minecraft used by Navalcraft plugin to malfunction. Results of a glitch can cause vehicle stop working or completely disappear. Exploiting glitches is illegal. Certain Minecraft blocks and new blocks added to Minecraft after version 1.8 and beyond MUST NOT be used as well.


The following is suggest methods of building a tank for first time users. Before getting started a play should consider what they want to setup their Tank . Such as speed, weapons, equipment signs, and so forth.

The Exterior Parts of a Tank
  • Parts of a Tank:

The following is directions for building a Tank1 plot sized ground vehicle.

Typically if your making a combat Tank. You should build your Tank out of Iron. Is typically the strongest normal block used with tanks on the server. Other blocks maybe used to make a tank look unique and colorful while still serving the may purpose of NavalClash, blowing other tanks! However, you must cost money to spawn. So consider carefully when you make your tank. It's recommended to look at pictures of tanks to get better idea what your doing.

A traditional combat tank has a semi-slow box shape and a turret with single barrel. However, one can add more barrels if they choose to as well other aspects makes you happy. Other vehicles like Jeeps, Armored Personal Carriers, Trucks with Torpedo/missiles and transports can be made as well, However the most Common vehicle is Tank with little Traverse.

-=Most Tanks do not have a Turning cannon in a Turret, However, StewieCman has an example of a Tank with a Turning Triple Cannon Turret That doesn't Mess with the Tanks Engines, Equipment, and Side Weaponry.=-
  • Outline 
    Fly above the plot see shape you wish the vehicle to posses.
  • Adding Hull and Framing the Tank 
    Once the shape of tank is determined, fill out the armor and figure out what weapons you wish to have on it and where.
  • Adding 
  • Building Turret and adding weapons 
    Currently Triple TnT Cannons can only be armored on a any sort minecraft vehicle, if not the turret is cosmetic aside helping to armor the TnT cannon from enemy fire. Adding some aa-guns near the drive seat will allow crew to teleport outside the tank and fire the AA-Guns while they need climb in the tank if they wish go back inside.
  • Adding Vehicle and Equipment Signs 
    Place Tank Engines inside, it's recommended to place them where TnT cannons and other lighter ones will harder to penetrate.
Tank Pictures

Tank2 Type Minecraft Vehicle

ST Fortress - Example of Tank2 Vehicle. This vehicle was armed 3 Twin TnT Cannons, AA-Guns and equipt with Periscope.

Currently there only one different version of the ground vehicle which is called the Tank2. The Tank2 is a larger version of the tank, which is similar to the Aircraft's larger cousin, Hangar2 size vehicles. These tanks could contain more blocks than normal Tank, thus potentially tougher. They were able fit additional equipment and easily be fitted with a turret. These vehicles can be as long as 9 blocks high, 31 blocks long, 23 wide. These Goliath of vehicles were typically powered by Tank2 Engines, however these signs are very expensive. They are also only known example of vehicle still available for general use.

Typically these vehicles can only be spawned from a Tank2 plot and be spawned using a Tank2 spawner sign. As of this writing, Tank2 sized ground vehicles not actively used on NavalClash. It is possible hand-make one these tanks in the wild, using materials brought to a location there or sourced by mining.

Typically, one the vehicles uses the "Tank2" sign as it's vehicle sign. They can be nine blocks tall vs the tank1's normal size.


  • Torpedoes 
    These weapons can be mounted on Tankss, but they do not travel far if fired on land. With in 10 blocks of the target. Thus making expensive short-range weapon should it be fired from a Tank.