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This article is linked guide to articles that will help a player construct a vehicle on the server or utilize other features of the server.

Index of Building Information

Vehicle Types

Click to learn the basics about each vehicle type, how to use them, where to build them, and which engines work best for that type.


These are special signs that allow certain functions for vehicles & structures.

Vehicle Signs

  • Vehicle Control Signs 
    These signs allow player to drive vehicles and power equipment sign in buildings
  • Subdrive Sign 
    This is a special Submarine sign that allows a submarine to switch "modes" and work underwater
  • Ballasttanks Sign 
    This is Submarine related sign that controls weight of a vehicle to allow it to purge or gain weight to allow for underwater travel.
  • Launcher Sign 
    A sign used on carrier type vehicles to launch smaller vehicles mounted on it.
  • TDC Sign 
    This sign allows for basic control for Torpedoes
  • Periscope Sign 
    This is a special sign and setup of blocks that allows a player to be temporary teleported above a vehicle to so to either drive it or act as a look out for vehicle underwater. This can be used on any vehicle.

Equipment Signs

These Signs used to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

  • Nav Sign 
    Allows to players determine a vehicle position and find their way around server world.
  • Buoyancy Sign 
    Free sign that measures the weight of the vehicle.
  • Radio Sign 
    This allows players to communicate vehicle to vehicle on selected channel only known by allied players
  • Radar Sign 
    Allows to detect Active Vehicles above and on the Water.
  • Sonar Sign 
    Allows to detect Active Vehicles below the Water.
  • Detector Sign 
    Passive Sensor that detects faint movement and communications.
  • Hydrophone Sign 
    Long-Range movement sensors that used to detect primary submarines and ships.
  • AdvancedRadar 
    Advanced Radar shows 360 degree view of active objects around the vehicle. This device can tie into Fire Control and designate targets to be used destroy listed object on this radar.
  • High-Tech Sensors 
    This is a powerful modern type detection equipment, however very expensive & complicated

Miscellaneous Signs/Plugins

These are signs that don't necessary relate to vehicles

  • Elevator 
    Used on bases, this is a unique sign that allows players to be moved up/down in structures.
  • Generator Sign 
    This sign allows equipment signs to operate on land.

Weapon Systems

Block information