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Airplane or Aircraft is a form of flying minecraft vehicle used on the IronSeas server.

Pictured are WWII F4F WildCat mounted on a Aircraft Carrier.


Players can use these vehicles fighter out to destroy other planes, as bombers, to carry cargo, or just straight up arm them with cannons and torpedoes destroy vehicles operating on water or land. Aircraft can climb above the clouds out of range of most cannons and mercilessly drop bombs on the ships below.

Some servers using navalcraft plugin have imposed restrictions on airplanes and other types of flying vehicles. Do check your server's rules see if there restrictions locally imposed on these servers. This includes what vehicle can look like and what blocks are made. See Construction section of this article for more details.

Role of Airplanes

Typical Style of Airplanes are;

  • Fighter Plane: Used to Destroy other Flying Vehicles and can be used to do light ground attacks. As long there no obstruction, a gold sword used to control the plane can be used fire machine guns. Additional machine guns can be added if additional crew are desired. Typically, Fighter Plane is a One-Person vehicle.
  • Bombers: They are ground attack aircraft, usually equipped with couple Bomb Dispensers or Torpedoes. Typically AA-Gun signs are added to help protect player from harm.
  • Cargo Plane: Typically used relay items allowed to be spawn with a minecraft flying vehicle to distant location not necessary accessible by ship type minecraft vehicles.
  • Attack Plane: This is a different form of Bomber, but instead of just dropping bombs. These vehicles are armed with TnT Cannons which allows crew operating this vehicle to fire on targets directly verses bomber dropping bombs from above. Attack Planes are sometimes fitted with slabs to increase the vehicle's endurance while conducting direct attack on a target. Variation of the Attack planes are exclusively armed with Torpedoes are known as Torpedo Attack Planes.

How to Use a Airplane

Spawning the Vehicle

Typically a player will build a airplane in a Hangar1 or Hangar2 size plot. They will click top sign of the plot noted as "*Select*". They will teleport via warp to the Airfield (/warp airfield). Once teleported, choose a empty space where a Spawner sign is placed.

Then click the "Select" Hangar1 or Hangar2 on it for whatever size vehicle to be spawned. A copy of vehicle you selected from the Shipyard (world) will appear and ready for use.

  • Rules of Launching a Aircraft : It is important to remember never launch when you have vehicle in the way, waiting to launch or in process of taking off from the airfield. Do not spawn OVER another vehicle. This will sometimes merge both vehicles and leave the spawner spot unusable until a staff member can clear mess. If a vehicle is abandoned on the airfield, take command of the vehicle (if Aircraft sign is still intact) and do /Ship Destroy, this will cleanly remove the unwanted vehicle.

Steps of Launching Airplane

After spawning the vehicle to be used. Use the following steps to launch the vehicle itself.

  • Step 1 - Take Control!
    First get on the aircraft and click on the "Aircraft" Sign. You will receive a new pair of "Aircraft" armor (makes you look like a pilot), and a gold sword. This gold sword is the control stick which will allow you to drive and fly your vehicle.

Crew Note: Anyone who is on this vehicle once you click on the "Airplane" sign, will become crew member who can also help you use vehicle and it's weapons. All crew will also be rewarded equally if a opposing/enemy vehicle is destroyed.

  • Step 2 - Changing Gears 
    Once a aircraft is activated, the airplane will slowly move. However, to be successful in taking off and flying. The pilot (person driving the plane) must HOLD Sneak Button and RIGHT CLICK Mouse button at SAME TIME. This will change gears of aircraft, to allow it go faster. The airplane must be in "[Gear 3]" to fully fly. If this is not done, the vehicle will crash, possibly killing everyone on the vehicle.
  • Step 3 - Power Up and Increase Speed 
    Once gears are changed, STOP holding down the Sneak button. You now must quickly increase speed / power to 100%. To do this Right Click the mouse button.
  • Step 4 - Go UP! 
    You now are at full power, you must LOOK UP and right click one or more times to tell vehicle go UP. You will receive a message "Take Off!" and vehicle will begins to go up (ascend).
  • Step 5 - Choose How high you want fly 
    Once you get fly up your desired height, you will want to stop ascending up. To do so, you will LOOK DOWN and right click ONE TIME. You will get message "Neutral Altitude". This will means you now going stay at certain height of blocks.

How to operate a Flying Airplane

Pictured are the directions an Aircraft can travel horizontally (not going up or down). Zero "0" is always forwards which is direction of the Red Arrow in the picture.

Flying is all about which direction you want go. You simply look at direction you wish travel in and right click the mouse key and you will go that direction. See below for more details. Driving a Submarines uses same methods of controlling direction a air vehicle travels.

  • Going Up or Down 
    As mentioned in Launching. To change altitude is you simply look Down (Down Elevation) OR Up (Up Elevation) and then right click your gold sword in that direction. The vehicle will go up or down depending which way you look. To STOP going up or down, you must click the opposite direction so the vehicle will return to Neutral Elevation. Neutral Elevation is going straight without going up or down.

Note: When going up or down, you can look at angle (not directly down but in between) and go at angle going up or down as well.

  • Turning Left or Right 
    To change directions, you face either Left or Right and then right click the mouse (swing the gold sword) and vehicle will change directions.
Pictured are the directions an Aircraft can travel vertically (Going up or down). Aircraft can up at angles if the pilot aims their control stick in that direction.
  • Sliding left or Right 
    SLIDING allows you to keep your vehicle going forwards, but you will be traveling in 90 degree angle. IF you wish to SLIDE to the left or right while still going FORWARDS. you can face direction you wish to travel BUT click the right mouse key ONCE. Only ONE time, and it will give you the turning message, but your vehicle will begin to travel at angle, vs going in a straight line.

Landing a Aircraft

This is arguably the most difficult thing to accomplish using aircraft. Air Vehicles which do not enough power will begin to fall from the sky. This happens when vehicle has taken too much damage (missing too many blocks) or pilot is no longer at the controls. Aircraft are design to EXPLODE should they hit the ground.

Method of landing a aircraft varies. Some method is to reduce speed and change gears to 1, then attempt to disable the plane. Disabling any Minecraft Vehicle take a "3 Minutes" cool down time. Another method is using second sign, by switching to Helicopter sign, which is also air vehicle, but offers better control. A player must /ship leave and then take control of the Helicopter sign. When landing with this method, you must hold the vehicle 1-2 block above the ground and place glass or any block that's easily breakable. under it. You then can disable vehicle and it will not crash. This is not easily accomplished.

Tactics in Using Airplane

  • Speed is necessary because most planes can be taken out in one shot from a TnT cannons.
  • AA-Guns can reduce the hull of the plane and cause it to crash, thus speed is important to deliver the final blow against your target.
  • All Airplanes have unique feature of allowing the player controlling the vehicle to use their control device (minecraft gold sword) to fire AA-Gun bullets at opposing targets. This is accomplished by right clicking the mouse button to swing the sword. This feature only works if there is no obstructions (glass example) blocking the path of bullets.


To create a airplane, you need "Aircraft" sign, Engine (sign)s, and your desired weapons. Aircraft sign MUST be place facing forward and must have clear view for the pilot to see.

Remember: Hangars (1 or 2 sized) all vehicles face the "Door" of the plot, where if you were stand where the double plot signs are, the vehicle will be facing YOU. If it's mounted different way, there is a risk that it could malfunction or not launch at all.

Construction Restrictions

As of 2018, the proper materials used to build aircraft includes; Wool, Wood, Slabs*, Stairs*, Glass, Moss, Quartz Note: Blocks noted with asterisks "*" are type of blocks that can't be used. See Items not allowed for details.

  • Items not allowed or FORBIDDEN to make airplane or aircraft are aside from Illegal Blocks are: Stone, cobblestone, Sandstone (All including slabs), Stain Clay/Terracotta, Cement, Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Coal Blocks, Gold, Purpur (all) blocks, and Iron.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make a airplane resemble a box-like object like a house or a room.

It advisable that players constructing a airborne vehicle that it resemble a airplane; Wings, Tails, etc.

  • Airplanes are restricted to only having single-barrel TnT Cannons mounted on them. Other cannons types which use gold or iron blocks can not be mounted. The blocks of iron or gold will not function with aircraft. Single Barrel TnT cannons can use other blocks be used to substitute block needed to mount a button to fire the gun. Such as Wood, double slab type blocks, even glass.

Construction Tips in Building Aircraft

  • Engines Numbering 
    Airplanes have a host of engines to choose from to allow air vehicle to move quickly and manage cost of the vehicle. These engines range Airplane 1 - 9. Cost vary, thus you can customize your plane as you see fit. You can mount more than one engine in your airplane. These engine's like other minecraft engines using navycraft, must have a different number (this considered name) on it's middle line. If all engine signs have same number secondline, the server plugin will not see these additional engines beyond "1", thus vehicle may under perform.
  • Protected Engines Signs 
    It is recommended that when placing your engine signs, that you should put them inside your plane. Signs mounted on outside of the vehicle risk destruction far easier verses being mounted inside.
  • Placing Bombs Droppers 
    When placing bomber droppers, remember to leave clean area for bombs to spawn. They will appear couple blocks from the vehicle when "Bombs Away" message is given. If this not handled correctly, the vehicle risks suffering a likely fatal explosion.
  • Use on a Carrier 
    Alternate method of spawning aircraft or more than one is to mounted on a Aircraft Carrier. These are Ships, that would include cost of spawning the vehicle. Using Launcher sign, the aircraft to be brought to a destination with less risk of it's destruction prematurely by would-be attackers near the spawn.
  • Some Assembly Required 
    Different strategy to deploy aircraft is to make Airplanes in the wild. A vehicle's parts are stored on typically a cargo ship or other means. These supplies to make an airplane can be later assembled at a faction base. By doing so, you allow the ability to launch air vehicles from a place perhaps closer than from launching from Spawn's air field or a Aircraft Carrier, which can be highly vulnerable being destroyed after being spawned. This tactic was extremely popular during the last season of NBZ in early 2017, when access to the server Hangar1's and 2's plots were removed.
  • No Ships-Planes
    Aircraft can not be fitted with a 2nd sign that either "Ship" or "Submarine".

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Aircraft are but one version a flying Air vehicle used navycraft server. Hybrid versions of such vehicle exist.

  • Helicopter 
    - This is vertical take off minecraft vehicle that is slower, but is able to hover target's easily.
  • Zeppelin 
    - A form of aircraft that mimics a air ship or blimp. These vehicles use both aircraft signs and helicopter signs.


  • Changes in Construction 
    Due to changes by the ownership of NBZ's navalcraft plugin, old method of creating out a plane out of clay has been ruled illegal. This is because it renders the vehicle degree of immunity to to anti aircraft guns. Terracotta/Stain Clay was changed and difficult to destroy due to these changes to the block's nature itself.
  • Author Note 
    This article was originally written for Naval Battle Zone. Current Author help craft latest re-writing of the last version of the article. Past Authors included; Co-Creator of Navycraft plugin & NBZ server Premejo.
  • Creator of Navycraft Flying planes 
    Aircraft and all other vehicles on the server owe their existence due to Navycraft's original programer/coder - Maximuspayne.